Settlement appears in vaccine lawsuits of medical students

Settlement appears in vaccine lawsuits of medical students



The lawsuit filed by three medical students may lead to a settlement, and they seek an exemption from the COVID-19 vaccination requirements of the Medical College of Northern Louisiana on religious grounds.

On Tuesday, the student’s lawyer filed a document in Monroe’s federal court seeking permission to file a revised complaint in a lawsuit against Monroe’s Edward Via Osteopathic Institute.

Last month, a judge signed a settlement agreement in the lawsuit, stating that the college formally agreed to exempt students from the vaccination requirements. The judge issued an interim order in August in favor of the three students.

Documents submitted by student lawyers Rachel Lynn Magliulo, Matthew Shea Willis and Kirsten Willis Hall on Tuesday accused the college of continuing their so-called discriminatory policies, including only requiring unvaccinated students to wear masks on campus and undergo weekly COVID-19 tests .

The college is a private institution, but it operates on the campus of the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

The federal judge in this case ruled that the medical school’s cooperation agreement with public state universities makes it subject to state law, prohibits religious discrimination and allows students to challenge vaccine requirements.

The move to restart litigation is the latest development in the legal battle surrounding state and national employers or governments over vaccine requirements. The Biden administration asked the Federal Court of Appeals in Cincinnati on Tuesday to allow it to advance workplace rules, which would require employees of large companies to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or be tested weekly. A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans recently issued a suspension order. However, the case was merged with other lawsuits concerning authorization and reassigned to the Sixth Circuit in Cincinnati.

At the same time, the Louisiana Supreme Court has set a hearing date on December 7 to discuss whether the state’s largest healthcare provider can require its employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Cases involving employees of Ochsner Health in Shreveport and Lafayette have been heard by the state’s Supreme Court.

Edward Via College spokesperson Cindy Rawlins (Cindy Rawlins) said his lawyer is reviewing the latest submissions. She said that all unvaccinated students and employees on campus are required to wear masks and be tested weekly, which is in line with the new federal government regulations for employers – and the guidelines of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

She wrote in an email: “The college is acting in accordance with CDC guidelines and complying with the laws of Louisiana because we will continue to work hard to create a safe environment for all students and employees.”


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