FirstFT: Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase has some regrets

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Jamie Dimon has been sent out Two separate apologies After telling a group of American business leaders that JPMorgan Chase would live longer than the Chinese Communist Party, he came to China.

In a speech in Boston on Tuesday, the bank’s chief executive mentioned the party’s 100th anniversary and said that JPMorgan Chase is a peer. “I bet we can last longer,” he said, adding: “I can’t say that in China. They might be listening anyway.”

The bank scrambled on Wednesday to mitigate any damage to its relations with China, and JPMorgan Chase spent decades laying the foundation for China’s increasingly prosperous China. First, Dimon issued a statement: “I am sorry and should not comment. I tried to emphasize the strength and longevity of our company.” A few hours later, he apologized again.

“I regret my recent comments, because it is wrong to joke or denigrate anyone, whether it is the country, the leadership, or any part of society and culture. Speaking in this way will deprive society of constructiveness and harmony. Well-thought-out dialogue, which is needed more than ever.”

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1. Dozens of immigrants worry about drowning on the French coast More than 30 people Drown While trying to cross the English Channel from France, the most serious accident occurred, which included a large number of secret boat crossings, disrupting relations between the French and British authorities.

Activists and association members defending the rights of immigrants gather outside Calais © AP

2. The three men who shot Abery were convicted of murder U.S. jury found three white men Murder of Ahmed Abery, A 25-year-old black man was shot and killed while jogging in Georgia last year. This incident triggered racial justice protests across the United States.

3. The U.S. blacklists Chinese quantum computing companies This move makes it almost impossible for U.S. companies to sell technology to listed companies. For a total of 27 entities, Of which there are 12 in China, and two subsidiaries in Japan and Singapore. In addition to quantum computing, this list also includes companies in the semiconductor and aerospace industries.

4. Chinese regulators require approval of new Tencent apps The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will temporarily “Technical Testing” According to official media reports, in order to ensure that Tencent’s apps meet its standards before being offered to users.

5. Samsung spent $17 billion to build a chip factory in Texas Samsung Electronics selects Taylor, Texas as its plan $17 billion U.S. chip factory As a South Korean technology group’s response to the Biden administration’s push to expand semiconductor production in the United States.

Coronavirus Digest

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Bank of Korea Monetary Policy Committee Meeting The Bank of Korea expects Raise interest rates As policymakers struggled to control inflation, inflation rose to its highest level in about 10 years in October. (Reuters)

Minutes of the European Central Bank Meeting How long do European Central Bank interest rate makers hope to continue buying bonds, and when will they possibly raise interest rates from ultra-low levels?More light will be released These key questions When the minutes of last month’s policy meeting were released today.

U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday Fear of another Coronavirus surge As the holidays are approaching, tens of millions of Americans will travel to reconnect with their families, some of them for the first time since the pandemic began. Americans will pay more Celebrate Thanksgiving as they sit around the dining table.

The bivariate state map shows how each state's vaccination rate compares with the new case/hospital admission rate from August to November 2021. Colors and data are sorted by quantile based on the data range. In the summer, the relationship between vaccination and the number of cases/hospitalization is always inversely proportional between states, and the decline in immunity and lagging vaccination rates in different states have broken this relationship, especially for cases, because of the past The number of breakthrough cases increased significantly in a few months.

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The battle between Amazon and Visa is about who keeps profits With the start of this year’s biggest shopping season, Amazon picked a very The open struggle with visasIt told British customers via email that it plans to stop using Visa-branded credit cards and if they change their payment method, they can enjoy a £20 discount next time they purchase.

The United States and China are already at war. But which kind? As pointed out by the hedge fund celebrity Ray Dalio Conflicts can erupt in many ways, Not just dynamics. “There are trade wars, technological wars, geopolitical wars, capital wars, and possibly military wars. We are definitely in the top four to varying degrees… and there are good reasons to worry about the fifth type,” he told Gillian Tett.

Thanks to the readers who participated in our poll yesterday. 55% of respondents said they do not support Beijing’s crackdown on tutoring.


Ridley Scott calls his new movie chaotic Gucci House “Satire”. In other words, this is a joke. This shows a lot. Scott has a lot of things, including big design filmmakers who are sometimes unparalleled. “Financial Times” film critic Danny Leigh wrote that he is not a comedian.

Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci, Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani

Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci, Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani in “House of Gucci” © AP

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