The merger of New York University Langone and Long Island Community Hospital is approved by the Department of Health

The merger of New York University Langone and Long Island Community Hospital is approved by the Department of Health



As part of the merger, the health system will invest $100 million in Long Island Community Hospital. Brotman said the proceeds will be used to implement New York University Langone’s integrated electronic medical records system, upgrade information technology systems, develop outpatient clinics at Long Island Community Hospital and improve infrastructure.

The launch of Epic’s electronic medical record system will proceed immediately. Brotman said he hopes to complete the implementation by December 2022.

According to a proof of need application, the merger aims to strengthen the outpatient program of Long Island Community Hospital because it lacks “sufficient cash flow to make major investments.” Brotman said the health system is still fleshing out Long Island Community Hospital’s outpatient growth strategy, but it usually convenes a multidisciplinary practice of up to 12 doctors, combining primary care and other subspecialties.

“We are not planning to acquire large stocks and barrel groups, but to talk to individual doctors to join our group,” he said. He added that the first such team at Long Island Community Hospital may be ready in the second quarter and may choose to build new facilities for these practices.

“LICH’s outpatient service in Patchogue complements our clinics in Riverhead and Bridgehampton,” Brotman said. The two websites opened in April.

There are also plans to upgrade the 306-bed hospital. Brotman said that the renewal of single wards and upgraded operating rooms, dedicated outpatient operating rooms and emergency rooms in inpatient facilities are some of the initial infrastructure projects in the plan.

“US$100 million may not be enough to pay for all our plans for LICH, but this is a good start,” he pointed out.

As part of the merger, New York University Langone will also take over the hospice and home care services of Long Island Community Hospital. This requires a separate application, which has been submitted to the country. Brotman said the health system is expected to make a decision in the first half of next year.

Brotman said this represents NYU Langone’s continued efforts to develop its home care department. Since New York University Lange-Brooklyn (formerly Lutheran Medical Center) and New York University Lange-Long Island (formerly Winthrop Hospital) joined the network in 2019, the health system has been committed to this.

The predecessor of Long Island Community Hospital was Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center. It was established in 1956 and serves 400,000 people.

New York University Langone has 6 inpatient facilities and more than 350 outpatient facilities in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island.

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