Marex integrates Coinbase Prime to expand the functionality of crypto derivatives »CryptoNinjas

Marex Solutions is a division of Marex Group that specializes in customized derivative products, as well as Coinbase Prime, cryptocurrency custody and Prime brokerage, Today announced a new partnership that will expand the institutional crypto investment and hedging capabilities of the two companies.

The partnership will enable the two companies to expand their respective crypto product offerings, and institutional clients of Marex Solutions and Coinbase Prime will have access to a wider range of structured products based on underlying crypto assets.

The agency model of Coinbase Prime is suitable for Marex Solutions’ derivatives engine, allowing multi-location liquidity and best execution, achieving attractive pricing and stable secondary market liquidity.

Since institutional clients want more than just basic assets, Marex now offers a wide range of products in a broad list of encrypted basic assets, whether in the form of securitization or over-the-counter (OTC) format. It has made a number of innovations in the crypto market, including the first automatic redemption of cryptocurrencies and the first securitization of cash, as well as Bitcoin arbitrage trading.

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