Link 11/23/2021 | Naked Capitalism

Link 11/23/2021 | Naked Capitalism



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The mystery of the pigeon: how do they find out their incredible long way home? Walrus (Anthony L)

Just like how humans recognize faces, bees are born with the ability to find and remember flowers Dialogue (David L)

Mammoths lost their grassland habitat due to climate change Wire (J-LS)

Beaver Dam means not losing love for Canada’s symbolic animals New York Times

California believes the truth about plastic recycling Sierra Club (David L)

Humans have broken one of the natural power laws governing the earth’s oceans Science Alert (Chuck L)

Just because you don’t believe in conspiracy theories doesn’t mean you are always right New York Times (David L)

Albrecht Dürer was Andy Warhol in the 16th century Bystander (Anthony L)

Strange Rumble: A prickly but fruitful friendship between Hunter Thompson and Oscar Acosta Los Angeles Book Review (Anthony L)


The assassination of Kennedy is still an event that binds the entire planet Dallas Morning News

In memory of Kennedy: the first American president declared a terrorist and a threat to national security Cheetah (Chuck L)

#Coronavirus disease


Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Antibody by Electrochemical Biosensing Based on Hydrogen Bond (Kevin W)

Calculate the nervous system cost of COVID-19 Nature (guurst)

COVID spreads in the air: the team simulated delta virus in aerosol for the first time PhysOrg (David L)


Covid: Can the UK avoid a European-style lockdown?? The British Broadcasting Corporation. Landing page summary: “Good vaccination rates and natural immunity, coupled with public caution, put the UK in a good position.” In the United States, read the story against progressive farmers.


Why India’s private sector wants to increase injections – and this reveals flawed policiesy Roll (J-LS)


CDC data shows that approximately 60% of the U.S. population has reduced protection against COVID-19 Business Insider (Kevin W)

In some places, the U.S. Covid rebound is as bad as last November Bloomberg (J-LS). Not in Bubba…the number of cases here is still declining. Please note that I don’t want this situation to continue, but we will hardly be exposed to international travel, and it will take a while to spread from these hubs to here:

Republicans embrace natural immunity as an alternative to vacciness Progressive Farmer (resilc)

COP26/climate change

England will require all new buildings to be equipped with electric car chargers Jalopnik (Kevin W)

After the new wastewater regulations, coal-fired power plants will be closed Associated Press (David L)

Ted Nordhaus on how green activists mislead and hinder progress Economist (David L). “He would say that, wouldn’t he?”

Explanation: why air cooling technology warms the earth Indian consumption (J-LS)

The mayor of Boston strips fragile cities from fossil fuels Associated Press (David L). What title is this? It seems that fossil fuel will follow Boston into a dark alley and defeat it? Later they explained a bit, but the title was poor.


Chinese scientists want to add wings to bullet trains to make them faster South China Morning Post (J-LS)

Beijing’s information on #WhereIsPengShuai is a mixture of creepy and cute quartz

Old Brady

Amidst the tensions in Aukus, the UK invites Southeast Asian countries to participate in the G7 summit The Guardian (Kevin W)

New cold war

Encirclement around Russia Asia Times (Kevin W)

“House of Graz”-the communist mayor of Austria’s second largest city was elected for the first time Defend democracy


Pearl chain: Yemen may become an Arab hub on the Maritime Silk Road Hunter

Palestine achieved a procedural victory in its quest to bring justice to Israel’s apartheid system before the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Legal opinion

Empire Folding Watch

First, the United States includes “regressive” democracies on the annual list Al Jazeera. “Resilc” “Plus 100k overdose and losses in Afghanistan, as I said before, we are in a completely Soviet mode. “

Joe Biden said he opposed endless war: but his secretary of defense was for endless entanglement Anti-war


Biden, radical leftist, insists Republican investment banker at the Fed Heisenberg Report (resilc)

Powell’s nomination for the second term of the Fed symbolizes Biden’s desire for policy continuity The Wall Street Journal. The protagonist story. “Nothing basic will change.”

Biden asks the world to help alleviate the global energy crisis Oil prices (Kevin W)

As coal prices hit a 12-year high, Biden faces a tougher spending bill to sell to Senator Manchin (resilc)

From Bush to Biden, American militarism is the great unifier Intercept (resilc)

Democratic Party pajamas

“Squad” tells us about the ability of progressives to win voters of color FiveThirtyEight (resilc)

Democrats are pushing for tax breaks for the rich.They cry when voters punish them David Sirota, The Guardian. Well, the Democrats did not cry when they were bleeding heavily under Obama.

ERCOT estimates show that even with new preparations, the Texas grid is prone to blackouts during severe winters KBTX (Kevin W)

Police national watch

63-year-old grandmother and 6-year-old granddaughter were driven out of the hotel by police after giving negative reviews Daily Mail (J-LS)

Black injustice tipping point

Ahmad Arbery Murder Trial: Lawyer Provides Closing Statements When Jogger Was Shot CNN

72 years later, four black men wrongly accused of rape were acquitted New York Times (Kevin C)

The National Park Service website reminds us of the history of violence in the United States Washington Post (Furry)

Wake up the watch

Thomas Jefferson statue leaves City Hall after 187 New York Post. John S: “In my opinion, the purpose of all this is to fight against ordinary Americans.”

supply chain

The CEO of Traeger Grills stated that the cost of shipping containers from Asia has risen by more than 500% since last year CNBC (Kevin W). But don’t worry! Things are getting better!

India’s Akasa Air will purchase 72 Boeing 737 Max aircraft – Asia Times (J-LS)


Uber sells cannabis to Canadian customers Financial Times (David L)

The cryptocurrency brothers who failed to buy the U.S. Constitution want to give you a new token instead of a refund Gizmodo (Kevin W)

The President of El Salvador announced the use of UFO and fireworks to create a Bitcoin tax haven Vice (resilc). Confirm that we believe that Bitcoin’s use cases are criminal activity, tax evasion (a subset of criminal activity), and speculation. El Salvador has just concluded its quest to become a financial pirate after Brexit.

Modern monetary theory is not the future. It’s here now. Wall Street Journal

Guillotine watch

Summers humbly assigns digital odds to the unknowable future Heisenberg report (resilc). Remind Larry Summers that he will not leave quietly.

JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon and Tesla’s Elon Musk feud behind the scenes The Wall Street Journal Godzilla v. Mothra.

Class struggle

Tim Draper, who tried to divide California, now wants to disband the union New Republic (resilc)

San Francisco’s out-of-town shit Yasha Levine (Chuck L). Although we are discussing the topic of Larry Summers, this is the domestic version of his infamous “send rubbish to Africa” ??advice.

This is devastating”: How fentanyl became one of America’s greatest tragedies guardian. Resilc: “I heard that weeds found it in New York City.”

Hedge funds known for cutting journalistic work are looking to buy more newspapers CNN (Kevin W)

Action Los Angeles Hunger v. Los Angeles County. The emergency application for CalFresh (formerly known as food stamps) was not processed in time.

Philosopher Without Clothes: A Review of the “Anti-Marxist War” MR Online (Anthony L)

Greedy doctor problem Jan Hendrik Kirchner (resilc). Today’s must read. Ignore another method: do a lot of homework and maybe tell your doctor that you are working towards a doctorate in medicine (or, let a child/close relative work on that degree…). Before my surgery, my buzzwords compatible led to the physician assigned to my case and the doctor of medicine in the orthopedics team. On the day my surgeon was always working on CT, I asked me if I was “medical”, which means It has a certain meaning in business.

Antidote of the day. Carla: “In late October 2021, in my backyard in the inner ring suburbs of northeastern Ohio. I’m about 15 feet away from this person.” Moi: A beautiful frame, which is also very meaty for a supposedly wild deer. . Too many delicious gardens and lack of shelter from predators.

See yesterday’s link and antidote du Jour here.

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