The White House allocates $1.5 billion to the health workforce plan

The White House allocates $1.5 billion to the health workforce plan



The Biden government provided $1.5 billion in scholarships and student loan repayment assistance to students and medical workers as part of efforts to diversify the workforce and alleviate shortages in underserved communities.

According to data from the Department of Health and Human Services, Congress approved in March the inflow of funds to the National Health Service, Nurses, and Behavioral Health Workforce Program, which increased scholarships and loan repayment awards by 27% this year.

“Thanks to the American Rescue Program, we now have a record number of doctors, dentists, nurses, and behavioral health providers treating more than 23.6 million patients in underserved communities,” HHS Minister Xavier Becerra said in a press conference on Monday.

According to the White House, the US$1.5 billion will support nearly 23,000 suppliers participating in these three projects.

These programs are funded through the annual appropriation process, but with funding from Congress COVID-19 relief kit The bill passed earlier this year will help reach more students and health workers.

The association’s senior director of government relations and regulatory affairs, Matthew Shick, said: “Students and residents who want to apply for the program are ranked outside, not only to reduce their debt, but to give back to underserved communities. .” American College of Medicine. “The increase in funding will not only solve the current queuing problem, but will also attract more applicants.”

According to a report, in 2020, NHSC helped 14,000 primary care, dental, and mental health providers in areas where there is a shortage of health professionals to repay student loans or scholarships. Government Accountability Office Report Released in April.

Nevertheless, according to data from the Government Accountability Office, among the 6,644 people who applied for the NHSC’s largest plan, the general loan repayment plan, in 2020, about 14% were still rejected despite working in areas with a shortage of health professionals. If there were more funds, it could have been aided. Report this year.

The Biden administration hopes that additional funds will also help diversify the workforce. Only about 7% of doctors consider themselves black or Latino. One quarter of the doctors participating in the National Health Service are black or Latino.

Vice President Kamala Harris said at an event on Monday: “These professionals will look like the United States and are better prepared to provide fair care to the United States.”

Domestic policy pack Congress is currently working to provide an additional $850 million for the NHSC and the Nursing Corps program.


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