Procrastinators all over the world, unite! Last day, our last chance for fundraising in 2021!

Thanks to the generosity of many loyal readers, we are approaching our goal. We have 1,550 donors, so we have increased our donor target to 1,800. With $36,490, we are close to the original reported final fundraising target of $45,000.

Many of you are preparing to meet with family and friends on Thanksgiving.We hope you can join your naked capitalist family in the festive celebrations Via donation page!

We are doing well in terms of financial goals, but surprisingly lags behind our total number of donors. Our average donation has increased significantly this year, which shows that those of you are very grateful for our report last year. Maybe those of you who have not donated have to lay off due to Covid or instability, or have already donated for other reasons.

If you can only give a little, please consider giving a little. We hope to see the widest possible support from the Naked Capitalism community.So whether you have given it before or for the first time, we hope you can find a way Squeeze us into your budget This year.

Remember, not only can we expect that as some European countries that tout their successful vaccination now implement lockdown measures, the struggle around Covid policy will intensify, but also in the United States, mid-2022 is coming soon. If Lambert didn’t put on his yellow wader, where would we be? Let us not forget the seemingly endless Brexit and CalPERS soap operas, as well as the collapse of institutions in the healthcare system and elsewhere.

Some of you who plan to donate may have been busy with family, travel, and work needs. Some people like deadlines!So please take a few minutes Visit our fundraising page Throw in another year of sharp analysis, one-stop news retelling twice a day, lively and insightful discussions, occasional ridicule, and your cute animal pictures every day.

Help make 2021 a year in which fundraising activities exceed their financial and donor goals! Keep in mind that every dollar (or pound, euro, Australian dollar or New Zealand dollar) you provide now will be used in the original report. The fundraising event will end at midnight on PDT tomorrow night.

Will you help this fundraising event to be more successful? Now give, with Give generously through our fundraising page. Remember, if you help us achieve our goals, it means we can do more for you!

We are not only very grateful for the many donations we received, but also very grateful for the friendly comments from our readers. As The Culp Creek Curmudgeon wrote:

Although I have been reading “Naked Capitalism” for many years, this is my first donation as a wife, and recently I unexpectedly received a sum of money.

When I started searching for news sources on the Internet during the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, I discovered naked capitalism. At that time, I knew that MSM was an important part of the problem, and I needed a better way to understand the situation. One link led to another link, and I ended up in naked capitalism. I never left.

One thing I realized is that I need to master economics better. In this process, naked capitalism is priceless. If nothing else, you should introduce me to MMT donation. But there is more. I appreciate the incredibly wide range of sources in your news roundup.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything I read on Naked Capitalism-how can I? ——But I always feel that I am learning something every time. You really need to continue this important work.

From Eric:

Thank you very much for your consistent excellent work. Sometimes it seems that NC is the only place where you can find rational thinking about current events.

And FreeMarketApologist:

Donated! Thank you very much for all the work done by everyone at NC over the years. NC is an important resource for me. It provides a window into news, information and opinions that I may not have seen. It is also a place to review, challenge and debate my views and current situation. I am very happy to be a reader and occasional commenter!

And elissa3:

You are my preferred website. I am very happy to contribute in this small way.

We are about to usher in the last chance of fundraising in 2021.You can pass our Fundraising page, Where you can use a credit or debit card or PayPal account (the fee will be charged in the name of Aurora Advisors).

You can also send checks in the name of Aurora Advisors Incorporated (we love checks!)

Aurora Consultants
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Please also send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Check in the mail” (and just the US dollars in the mail) so that your donation can be included in the total donation.

Now to naked capitalismNo matter what you can offer, whether it’s $5, $50 or $5,000, it can help us keep this community alive. This is not just a donation. You make a statement that you want different debates, different societies, and different cultures. It’s time to join us, because we ensure that this website can better mobilize our energy to fight lies that support pathological power structures and promote a more just social order.

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