Link 11/22/2021 | Naked Capitalism

Link 11/22/2021 | Naked Capitalism



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Enthusiastic women raise orphaned wombats until they can be released into the wild Laughing squid

Bubblicious: The new impact of cryptocurrency excitement on housing John Burns Real Estate Consulting Company (Re Silc).

Sometimes it just doesn’t work: Why does Apple end up letting customers repair their iPhones protocol


As companies tackle climate change, trillions of assets may be stranded Wall Street Journal

Without coal, what would the development path of cement, steel, steel and Asia look like? diplomat

Research shows that the state of world fish populations is worse than expected Bloomberg

Don’t be afraid, pancake lovers: OPEC of maple syrup uses sticky reserves Al Jazeera

#Coronavirus disease

Significant increase in ACS risk biomarkers after the use of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine Cardiology Consultant (MV). “According to a report submitted at the American Heart Association (AHA) 2021 scientific meeting held from November 13 to 15, 2021, the risk of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) in patients receiving the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine Significant increase. The study included 566 men and women (1:1) between the ages of 28-97 who are patients in the practice of preventive cardiology.” From the conference abstract: “We concluded that mRNA vacs are significant Increased endothelial inflammation and T cell infiltration of the myocardium, and may explain the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy and other vascular events after vaccination.”

The impact of public health intervention in Nordic countries in the first year of SARS-CoV-2 transmission and evolution European surveillance. Abstract: “Sweden constitutes an epidemiological and evolutionary refuge, enabling the virus to maintain active transmission and spread to other geographic locations. Our analysis reveals the utility of genome surveillance, in which monitoring the active transmission chain is a key indicator.”

* * *

How Covid-19 Spread: Narrative, Anti-narrative, and Social Drama (Preprint) Trisha Greenhalgh et al., Authorea. “In this paper, we compared the internal tracking narrative of the spread of SARS-CoV-2 by the World Health Organization, the British government and its official scientific advisors with the external tracking counternarrative provided by aerosol scientists. Events related to the unfolding of theatrical form-handwashing rituals, deaths in nursing homes, public masks, and occupational health and safety.”

What is behind the rapid disappearance of the delta variant in Japan? It may become extinct on its own. Japan Times

Demystified: The secret of the outbreak of fear in the NBA Finals Covid outbreak Rolling Stone

* * *

Pfizer will allow its Covid pills to be manufactured and sold cheaply in poor countries now


China’s hypersonic weapon launches missiles over the South China Sea Financial Times

Xi Jinping tells Southeast Asian leaders that China does not seek “hegemony” Reuters


As soldiers abandon the notorious Burmese army, a morale crisis is imminent now

The China-ASEAN summit started without a Myanmar representative Al Jazeera. At the Zoom summit, there is no information from Myanmar.

Singapore’s tech utopia dream is turning into a nightmare for surveillance of the country Rest of the world


India’s solution: despite being India’s strongest prime minister in decades, why did Modi fail in the agricultural law? scroll

India’s coal demand may increase in absolute value, making it difficult to phase out Greece shipping news

New Zealand will adopt the new Covid-19 living system from December 3 Straits Times


U.S. and Israeli officials have publicly expressed their differences over the upcoming nuclear talks with Iran Aksios

The future of beer lies in Africa.Work should be the same Bloomberg

Colonial Accountability in the Transitional Period Africa is a country

The Sudanese military will restore the position of Prime Minister Hamdok in the new agreement: mediator Al Jazeera

New cold war

The U.S. attitude towards the Ukrainian border war will not work.This is what Biden should do politics

U.S. Intel showcases Russia’s plan to invade Ukraine Bloomberg. The title should be “Show Russia Plan”, such as a URL.

Conservative party Custer leads in Chile’s first round of elections Financial Times

The socialist movement in Venezuela as a reformist supporting the document Bloomberg

Biden Administration

Big business declares war on Lina Khan Matt Stoller, Great (GF). Must-read (especially deep insights into the Republican faction conflict).

Inflation concerns hang over Biden’s social spending plan The Financial Times’ completely organic narrative…

Biden just nominated Joe Manchin-Wright Daily poster

How Hunter Biden’s company helped the Chinese get cobalt with The power struggle over cobalt disrupts the clean energy revolution Now (re-silicon).

supply chain

Supply chain problems show signs of easing The Wall Street Journal. “Shipping and retail executives stated that they expect the backlog of U.S. ports to end in early 2022. After the holiday shopping season, many factories will be closed for a week during the Lunar New Year in February, thereby slowing production.” Nothing will fundamentally change. .

Canada faces a backlog of food, and British Columbia’s freight is suspended after the flood The Globe and Mail (IM).

Zeitgeist Observation

California police hunt 80 suspects in pop-up department store robbery Reuters. The following is as above.

health care

Explanation: Why does a malaria vaccine take 54 years Indian consumption


Rittenhouse’s winning strategy relies on tearful testimony Bloomberg

Our famous free media

The 1619 project begins as history. Now it is also a political plan. Wabo. No, it hasn’t, yes, it has always been.

Are investment groups killing American newspapers? Financial Times

The Heritage Foundation calls Sir Halford John Mackinder:


Empire Folding Watch

Lessons from Littoral Combat Ships War on the rock

When the U.S. military and family are starving, they don’t believe in the help of the Pentagon Military net

Class struggle

American Union Week, November 13-20 Who got the bird? With Deere’s contract and Teamsters election, this is an important week.

Destruction of democracy is the core of the privatization of public goods Jacobin

Untimely futures Local diary

Are you my mother tongue? Lapham Quarterly

After the pandemic fails, the United States needs a new public spirit Zeynep Tufecki, The New York Times. “Facts have proved that this pandemic is a stress test that the United States has failed to pass in the past two years.” And: “We need a new public spirit: more people are willing to admit that things will not get better unless we do it. Struggle.” I’m not sure that the problem is the lack of “fighting”, but the incommensurable definition of “better”.

Today’s antidote (pass through):

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