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There are only more than six hours left in the naked capitalist fundraising event. Express your support for keen analysis, unremitting pursuit of arrested officials and lame experts, uncover the mystery of complex topics, especially the financial field, expose robbery, vivid wording and cute animal pictures.

In the past four hours, we have received 21 more donations, reaching 1,625 donors, so we still have some way to go before we can achieve our ultimate donation goal.

But more importantly, we will continue to exceed our dollar target. Our price is US$47,420, and our ultimate goal is US$45,000. Every dollar you pay now will fund more original reports!

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When you compare our budget with that of mainstream media newsrooms, Naked Capitalism provides very streamlined resources.

Your contribution makes a significant difference here, just like in several other places. So please do your best, because any donation, $10, $100, or $1,000, is an investment that helps us understand and influence the great changes that are taking place in the economic and political arenas to the best of our ability.

Donors continue to send notes to express their enthusiasm for the real community that readers have helped build. As #DoStaySafeAndHealthy wrote:

It’s great to see this wonderful family blog not only survived, but also thrived in the seemingly never-ending pandemic, sociopolitical, and economic world-weary quagmire. Thank you very much #NC:

• Support the non-mainstream economy from the early stage of #MMT
• Dispelling the “Politics as Sports” fog caused by the US political duopoly
• Hold rich and powerful people responsible for their countless misconduct-#CALPERS, #Uber, #Tesla
• Provide reasonable analysis in the absence of good data – #AllThingsCOVID
• Thank you very much for the wonderful antidote to the miasma!

The world owes you a debt, I really hope that #NC insists on seeing this ship of terror in which we seem to be trapped change course!

I also really hope that at some point, #NC will resume the party. My own pessimistic assessment of the pandemic is that things will eventually subside sometime around 2025. Not sure about waiting that long, but it’s worth the chance to see and chat with comrades and class traitors!

Good luck to you, your mom, Lambert, JLS, and others who maintain the high standards that #NC deserves. Library of Congress#FTW!

Dave from Austin:

interesting. Most of the comments mentioned how NC protects them from too many MSNBC and NPR from the left.

Don’t forget, it can also protect us from FOX, the New York Times, and small fascists who doze on our fringes and believe that Trump’s occasional correct views show ability.

Send your love to NC…and, if you can, your money.

And SouthSideGT

I don’t really remember when I discovered NC, but I know that when the comment section may be closed some time ago, I was moved to send 60 bux. I always find the comment section as educational as the post itself. One of my guilty pleasures is watching Yves bring some hapless commenters to the task when they cross the line. Glorious, I know I know.

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