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Is there a shortage of turkey on Thanksgiving?A survey. The best Thanksgiving turkey is probably the one you can buy. (sound)

Inflation suddenly appeared in everyone’s mind. How bad will it be? When prices rise, people hate it. But this may be the cost we incurred to avoid the Covid depression. (Work Week) You can also take a look Wonking Out: Beyond inflation headlines This is mainly about bottlenecks. Now the famous supply chain rants, ships shuttle back and forth in Los Angeles, and factories shut down due to lack of chips. The overall demand is not high, but deviations have appeared: fewer services, but more durable goods. (New York Times)

China’s transformation is risky for investors.How to navigate changesAs China emphasizes broader prosperity rather than rapid growth, its impact will spread across the world. Our international round table highlighted dangers and opportunities and 13 investment options. (Barron’s)

Is gamification bad for investors? We encourage the SEC to find out which pushes and conflicts are problematic, and to avoid radical changes that might stifle savings. (Morning Star)

Listen to the pessimism about the economy and take steps to solve the problem Inflation is higher than in decades, millions of people are unemployed, companies are struggling to find workers, and people are still dying of Covid. The recent decline in consumer confidence is real. (Home Macro)

The Fed’s left-face decision on Jerome Powell’s rule In 2019, he allowed himself to be bullied by President Donald Trump and gave up the necessary Fed rate hikes amid a booming economy, which could have provided additional impetus to the central bank during the worst of the pandemic-induced recession. (New York Post)

What’s wrong with Zillow?Real estate algorithm derails its big bet The company has bet its future growth on its digital home flip business, but it has proved difficult to use algorithms correctly. (Wall Street Journal)

No more side missions What do you really care about? Do this more. Simple but not easy. But now you are ready to accept the “less is more” mentality. Now you can experience it, not just follow it and nod when you hear it speak or see it printed. You can embody it. The time required for each person to get here is different, the path is different, and the challenges and obstacles are also different. Not everyone achieves that less is more. Some people came too late. (Reform broker)

Did another humorous sub-stack panic empire really counterattack “Independent Communications”? For many years, the warriors of the information economy have been urging venture capitalists, in some cases for decades, to find magic wands that can bring wealth to the media: headline news generators, niche magazine layout solutions, and all-U.K. Editors, more and more chyron, streaming media, Axios-style “why important” formatting, etc. These people have been looking for a gimmick, they think everything is one, including the current “independent subscription newsletter.” (Traditional Knowledge News)

Space debris problem becomes dangerous After Russia’s weapons test blew up an abandoned satellite, the International Space Station seemed fine, but these incidents may become more common. (sound)

Be sure to check our Master of Business This week with Edwin Conway, Global Director BlackRock Alternative Investor (BAI), its total assets exceed 300 billion U.S. dollars. BlackRock’s global alternative businesses, including real estate, infrastructure, hedge funds, private equity and credit, are one of the fastest growing sectors of the investment giant.

World real estate prices relative to median income

source: Bloomberg

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