Link 11/21/2021 | Naked Capitalism

Link 11/21/2021 | Naked Capitalism



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For decades, invasive lake trout has been reducing local fish populations. Residents of the Montana Flathead Reservation have a solution. counter

How Facebook and Google are funding global misinformation MIT Technology Review. “The MIT Technology Review Survey, based on expert interviews, data analysis, and documents not included in Facebook’s papers, found that Facebook and Google are paying millions of dollars in advertising to fund clickbait actors, intensifying the surrounding information ecosystem The deterioration of the world.” One hand washes the other.

Spac machine came back to life after a violent crash Financial Times

How Delaware became the world’s largest offshore haven Foreign policy


COP26 focuses on long-term climate goals. But what do these ten years mean? Open democracy

What is driving global deforestation?Organized crime, beef, soybeans, palm oil and wood products Recoil (RH).

Modi was praised for climate reforms and then disrupted the Glasgow Convention Asian sentinel

Coal cold shoulders intensified Greece shipping news

#Coronavirus disease

Short-term and long-term incidence of acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection Magazine. Since October, it is still closely related. Results: “In a systematic review of 57 studies, including more than 250,000 survivors of COVID-19, most of the sequelae include mental health, lung and nervous system diseases, and 6 of these diseases were exposed to SARS-CoV-2. It is ubiquitous over months.” Crazy biologist Mike Comment: “[E]Even if we assume that 4% or 5% of people who are infected with COVID and do not need to go to the hospital still have cognitive impairment after half a year, this is also a lot of American massacres. We may see millions of disabled adults, maybe more. “

Fauci said the number of fully vaccinated hospitalizations in the United States has risen National Broadcasting Corporation

Dr. Fauci said that he expects babies and toddlers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by the spring of 2022 (Interview) Business Insider


Nanhai: Will Aukus affect ASEAN-Beijing code of conduct negotiations? South China Morning Post

Exclusive: Marriott refuses to host a Uyghur meeting on the grounds of “political neutrality” Aksios


Chinese investment in Myanmar increased after the coup Observer Research Foundation. Australia. at the same time:

Like all digital “open source” researchers, proceed with caution. In other words, the chart from NUG is interesting. Tatmadaw has an old script that cruelly treats vertical ethnicities (such as Rohingya).What is not obvious is whether they have the script or experience to deal with the problem national Rebellion.

Companies struggling to withdraw from Myanmar companies face the prospect of investor flight Financial Times


Nodeep Kaur has nothing to lose Lux

The farmer wins in many ways, the media loses in all aspects Indian Rural People’s Archives

As Africa avoided the COVID disaster, scientists are confused and vigilant Associated Press

Slavery still exists in Mali and continues to wreak havoc on life Al Jazeera


Stop and reflect Brexit and beyond

COVID-19 situation in Europe worsens-Netherlands, Austria implement complete lockdown Business insider.

Vienna brothels provide vaccines and free admission Reuters


The three-act tragedy of the Venezuelan opposition Venezuela analysis

From where Bush, Obama, and Trump left, Biden expanded the U.S. campaign to crush Venezuela Covert operation

Biden Administration

A McKinsey subsidiary agrees to pay US$18 million to U.S. regulators for compliance failures Reuters. At the same time, the Federal Trade Commission showed signs of life:

Ethical guidelines for protecting public trust and detecting improper behavior of revolving doors Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Biden’s OCC choice faces bipartisan questioning in controversial Senate bank hearing Bank diving.Sol Omarova

* * *

How the Democratic Parenting Proposal Hurts Families Matt Brunig, Atlantic Ocean. Designed by Neera Tanden’s CAP, using the Obamacare exchange as a precedent, it therefore includes complex eligibility requirements, including job benefits.

Democratic Party Disabled

Pharma Dems saves half a trillion dollars for the pharmaceutical industry Daily poster

Two Democrats stifled opportunities to reform outdated hard rock mining laws High Country News (Re Silc).

health care

Scientists report found that a second person “naturally” cured HIV, bringing hope to future treatments statistics


Boeing built an unsafe plane and blamed the pilot when it crashed Bloomberg. Even worse than it seemed at the time.


The man found carrying AR-15 outside the Kyle Rittenhouse trial confirmed that he was a fired police officer in Ferguson Chicago Tribune

Revisit the messy language of the Second Amendment JSTOR Daily. Starting in 2018, it is still closely related.

Wild boar observation

Hong Kong declares wild boar fair play after animal attack ABC


Kyle Rittenhouse has a strong defense Eric Levitz, New York Magazine. Key paragraph:

Rittenhouse’s assertion of self-defense is legally reasonable. But they also illustrate the difficulty of reconciling large-scale gun ownership and broad self-defense rights with the rule of law.

Rittenhouse’s killing of Rosenbaum may have been legal. But for bystanders who heard the gunfire and saw a killer holding an AR-15, it was almost self-evident. .

In other words: Once Rittenhouse fired the first shot, he and his attacker seemed to have entered an environment in which neither party could bear legal responsibility for killing the other. Whether a person stands out from this confrontation, whether legally innocent or legally executed, depends on a person’s relative ability to quickly deploy deadly violence. , Healthy, Huber is lying in the grave, and Grosskreutz does not have most of his right biceps.

This is ridiculous. But here we are!

Rittenhouse Lawyer’s Trial Handbook: Don’t “Punch”, Defend Associated Press

Rittenhouse 2.0: The threat of new litigation after Rittenhouse’s verdict Jonathan Terry

Kenosha, I do mind death Malicious

Black injustice tipping point

Travis McMichael admits that Ahmaud Arbery never drew a weapon or threatened him New York Post

Empire Folding Watch

What is the Iran Gate incident?The political scandal that swept the Reagan White House Teen fashion. Iranian opposition.

Grenada, Afghanistan withdrawal and the future of war War on the rock

Where are all the public baths? Bloomberg

When do you take a shower? plow

Class struggle

It turns out that Harvard students are not that smart after all guardian. “43% of white students are admitted based on criteria other than grades. This 43% is ALDC: Athletes, inheritance, dean’s interest list (children of major donors) or children (children of Kazakh Buddhist members). Three-quarters The ALDC does not have the grades of admission to Harvard.” A sad hive of scum and villains.

COVID-19: California says Amazon employees feel “scared and powerless” after concealing coronavirus cases Sky news

Financial muscle Stephanie Kelton, camera. Deck: “How is it suspected?” A perfectly reasonable happy dance danced on Larry Summers’s bloated but still opinionated corpse.

Today’s antidote (pass through):

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