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More and more fund managers and institutional investors now prefer Bitcoin to gold. They see cryptocurrency as a better store of value and a better hedge against inflation. “I think in a long period of time, its price may be ten times better than gold,” said the founder of an asset management company.

Bitcoin vs. Gold: Bitcoin is a better store of value

Fund managers and institutional investors are increasingly choosing to invest in Bitcoin instead of gold, viewing cryptocurrencies as a better store of value and the preferred inflation hedging tool.

On the company’s third-quarter earnings conference call last week, Galaxy Digital Holdings CEO Mike Novogratz talked about Bitcoin as a better store of value than gold. He said: “I still think holding gold in this environment may be a good asset,” he emphasized, “it was just overwhelmed by Bitcoin.” Novogratz added:

Bitcoin is just a better version of stored value. It is being accepted at an ever faster rate… Now more than 200 million people around the world participate in the Bitcoin ecosystem, and it continues to grow.

Skybridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci also expects Bitcoin to outperform gold. He said last week that Bitcoin “will eventually surpass gold.” He has been saying that Bitcoin is still very, very early, predicting that the price of cryptocurrency will easily reach $500,000.he Urge investors Have some Bitcoin now.

In the discussion about market value, Scaramucci think:

I think it may be ten times better than gold for a long time… If Bitcoin rises at an exponential rate and gold rises at a linear rate, I would not be surprised.

Another well-known fund manager who recently admitted that he prefers Bitcoin to gold is Paul Tudor JonesHe said last month that in the current economic environment, he prefers Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation, and said:

Obviously, there is a place suitable for encryption. Obviously, it is currently winning the game against gold…I like it better at the moment.

Global Investment Bank JPMorgan Chase says In October, institutional investors have been selling gold for Bitcoin. “Institutional investors seem to be returning to Bitcoin, perhaps seeing it as a better inflation hedge than gold,” the company’s analysts describe.

In September, Microstrategy, a Nasdaq-listed company that supports Bitcoin, stated that it avoided “Multi-billion dollar mistake“Last year I chose Bitcoin instead of gold. The company now holds Approximately 114,042 Bitcoin. CEO Michael Seller said last week that he expects Bitcoin to become 100 trillion USD asset class.

“It is clear that Bitcoin is winning, and gold is losing… and it will continue… It is clear that digital gold will replace gold in this decade,” says Thaler.

Goldman Sachs Energy Research Director recently stated that he saw funding Transfer from gold to bitcoin“Just as we think silver is the poor’s gold, gold may be becoming the poor’s cryptocurrency,” the executive pointed out.

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