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As part of this fundraising event, we would like to thank many readers who sent us photos of Antidote du Jour. We have asked some of our most prolific contributors to send their own pictures to provide some additional pictures for our fundraising campaign. Contributing by sending links, antidote and botanicals is important to us, and your donation is also important. So if you haven’t had a chance to give but plan to give, The donation page is calling your name!

I hope that those who have not been invited to participate in this year’s roundup will not be offended; we value all submissions! Readers are particularly moved by the remembrance of pets who have recently left, so if you want to remember your friends through naked capitalism, we will be honored.

From Tracy H:

She added:

My husband Don and I like Naked Capitalism because the bloggers have long and rich experience in the topics they cover; the articles are educational, objective, in-depth and authoritative, covering not much news in other places The problem.

Robert H is stupid to send his Betsy:

His letter:

The reason why I support Naked Capitalism and read it every day is that it fills the void left by newspapers such as The New York Times and magazines such as The New Yorker as trusted sources of information.

From Slim, Arizona:

She added:

Do you like bird watching? Well, come to my house, the birds will be there watching you.

This is a white-winged pigeon chick that began to live in the ironwood tree nest. After leaving the tree in my front yard, this chick is practicing its adult skills. Today’s lesson: Habitat.

I took this photo on a rainy afternoon in July, and this chick will not move. Does it need to learn other skills, such as taking off from an unstable base, such as wires? Or just enjoy the shower? I cannot figure out what happened, and since I am not a bird, I cannot make assumptions.

At Naked Capitalism, we practice critical thinking every day. In short, this kind of thinking requires more than assumptions. This is an argument when citing your source, not an assertion. We go far beyond understanding the text on a page or screen. We asked why the information was presented in a certain way. Who is cited? Who was omitted? Why is this story? Why now?

Finally, I want to thank Yves for inviting me to write this article. I have presented a gift for the annual fundraising event, and I encourage you to do the same (Follow the link to the tip jar).

Last but not least, from the resume:

So if you also like naked capitalism, Please visit our tip tank. Help us provide you with antidote, reports and analysis that you can’t find anywhere else, plus the sharp lens, rebuttal and cooking skills of our keen critics, another year!

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