10 Sunday Readings-Big Picture

10 Sunday Readings-Big Picture



Look away!mine Sunday morning Look at incompetence, corruption, and policy errors:

Welcome to the golden age of crooks Everything now is a kind of tribulation. There are individual scammers, of course, and there have always been: Billy McFarlane of the party circuit watching and being watched, or Bernie Madoff of the wealth management (or mismanagement) world. However, the current headlines increasingly resemble mature cosmology—personal, professional, and political belief systems. While the believers are fooling themselves, they are also trying to fool others. (Washington post)

I am a truck driver for twenty years, and I will tell you why the “shipping crisis” in the United States will not end This slowdown is related to warehouse management: very few warehouses are open 24 hours a day, and even so, the shortage of many warehouses does not make much difference, they are far behind schedule. This means that as a freight driver, I cannot pick up as many items a day as before, and because my truck cannot pick up, the entire supply chain is backed up. The freight doesn’t move at all. (Moderate)

Learn more about Amazon’s failure to protect your data: insider voyeurism, bribery scandals, and backdoor schemes Over the years, this retail giant has been hiding something from you: it processes your information far less carefully than it processes your packages. (reveal)

Bubblicious: The new impact of cryptocurrency excitement on housing The percentage of home buyers who voluntarily record encrypted accounts during mortgage underwriting has risen from nearly 0% a year ago to between 5% and 10% today. It is estimated that about 5% of homebuyers who use crypto proceeds to pay the down payment for their homes, i.e. the price is higher and/or the community tends to be younger buyers who are more familiar with crypto. (John Burns Real Estate Consulting Company)

Boeing built an unsafe plane and blamed the pilot when it crashed Cost cutting, corporate arrogance, and new aircraft that should be easy to fly. An exclusive excerpt from Flying Blind: The 737 Max Tragedy and the Fall of Boeing. (Work Week)

Why thieves like to steal catalytic converters In the past few years, this small car part has caused a huge wave of crime. This has a lot to do with the booming precious metals market. (Hustle and bustle)

The bad guys won: If the 20th century is a story of slow and unbalanced progress in the victory of liberal democracy over other ideologies (communism, fascism, and vicious nationalism), then the 21st century is the opposite story so far. (Atlantic Organization)

Catch sea turtle thieves: kick off the prelude to international smuggling operations The turtle black market is like a sinister net connecting the neglected marshlands on the fringes of US coastal resorts with buyers from all over the world. Just because no one eats them here does not mean that they have no market. “(walrus)

“Ghost Guns”: Gun kits purchased online are fueling violence They are untraceable, are assembled from parts, and can be ordered by gang members, felons, and even children. They are increasingly becoming lethal weapons easily accessible throughout the United States, especially California. (New York Times) You can also take a look The police have a tool to take a gun from a potential shooter, but many people don’t use it The red flag method has only been used a few times in New York City, Chicago, and Hawaii, but it has been used thousands of times in Florida (Wall Street Journal)

Marilyn Manson: A monster hidden in sight He has been a provocative media darling for decades. In the audience, the predecessor claimed that he was an abuser who made their lives hellish. The Rolling Stone investigation based on court documents and more than 55 new interviews (Rolling Stone)

Be sure to check our Master of Business This week with Edwin Conway, Global Director BlackRock Alternative Investor (BAI), its total assets exceed 300 billion U.S. dollars. BlackRock’s global alternative businesses, including real estate, infrastructure, hedge funds, private equity and credit, are one of the fastest growing parts of the investment giant.

Interest rates will rise in the future, but in the past they mostly just fell

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