Naked capitalism: your stable boat in the storm

Author: Lambert Strether of Corrente.

Patrick O’Brien, the historical novelist, in The other side of the world (tenth Aubrey Matulin Series, set during the Napoleonic Wars) describes how the British 28-gun frigate HMS surprise, Survived the typhoon (if you just procrastinate, you can Jump directly to the donation page):

The surrounding horizon was purple-black, and the entire sky was tumbling with large dark copper-colored clouds, moving in all directions at a strange and unnatural speed. In almost every place, lightning flashed continuously, and the air was filled with huge thunder and tremors, far behind, but approaching.

The upper mast on the deck has been knocked down, and now all hands are busy fixing the plank on the boom with double grippers, and send the blowout preventer struts, shields, brackets and rear struts to the double rear The struts slapped on the cannon, covering the front hatches and portholes with tarpaulins and compacting them.

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When they hit the main mast half an hour later, everything on the deck collapsed. When a warm rain hit the boat, the top rope of the preventer passed through the opening and separated. The rain was so heavy that they could barely breathe, let alone see it. From then on to total darkness and beyond is a constant battle, strong wind blowing from all directions, thunder and lightning right above the head, the incredibly steep sea is meaningless, the burst of power is enough to engulf ships… …It wasn’t until sunset that the weather began to have a direction and a certain meaning. The rotating invisible shock wave passed…

This is a heavy blow, a very, very heavy blow, accompanied by dangerous seas; but this is their accustomed call, and compared to a crazy day, this is a positive relief.

Dear readers, that typhoon for at least the past year has been a feeling of the media environment for me — and I believe for many of you. “All hells are broken.” “The wind is blowing.” “The strange and unnatural speed.” “It makes no sense at all.” (If you don’t donate until I actually bring the metaphor home, The tip jar is over there.)

Alerts and excursions, moral panics, memes and virality, stories from once-respected places, turned out to be wrong, down to the details. Engineering narrative. Complex production. Lie completely. The well-funded yelling man has lost his mind. The intelligence officer pretended to be an expert and gave a good explanation. (Also, far from the storm, silence reverberates in many newsrooms whose publishers have been swallowed by the locust plagues of Google, Facebook, or private equity.) Then, just as we thought the storm had subsided, the horizon dimmed again. The scream and whirlwind of the new episode began.

Naked capitalism maintains its balance in all these storms, just as a naval ship that is well-structured and can withstand wind and rain should do. It is difficult, but we have done it.I do not need to list critical thinking skills, subject expertise, rapid response, and preferred media typhoons detail, And the tendency to exist “Correct and early“It keeps us stable and enables us to move on. Coronavirus disease. The Gate of Russia. Democratic or Republican Scandal today. suddenly Jackpot(Then the story of the typhoon inundation, but we saved it: strike. CalPERS. Bezzle. And The Blob’s continued belligerent conspiracy.)

Naked capitalism is a very small ship in rough seas, just like any ship, it needs constant maintenance and upkeep. (The tip jar is beckoning.)

However, naked capitalism is not made of wood, canvas, hemp, tar, copper, or oak. Naked capitalism is not made of numbers on cables or numbers stored on disks. Naked Capitalism is a community of writers and readers, whether it’s posting, commenting, making links, sharing links, or passing reading to other readers. Some read and write a lot; others read and write a little bit.Everything is important, small (such as “stop rope through wire hole”) and large (“main mast”) are important; unless the ship will sink all Its parts are complete and sound. so, If you must, please give me a little bit. If you can, please give us more. Will you not help keep the naked capitalism stable?

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