Why, in a country full of corporate media junk food, naked capitalism is necessary for our intellectual health

Author: classicist John Seaman.

About 25 years ago, I met Joel Saladin, a farmer who called himself “Beyond Organic”. The first thing he taught me was: “If anything on the farm smells bad, then they did something wrong.”

He is also happy to share his stock advice to all customers who are eager to eat meat like me but still really care about maintaining health and protecting the environment. “If you want to eat meat,” Joel said, “you can’t buy it from the store. Any store.”

As Michael Pollan showed in his 2006 book, he also had a great time at Joel’s farm The plight of omnivores, The only essential difference between the cheap industrial meat sold by Wal-Mart and the expensive industrial organic meat sold by Whole Foods is marketing: “Whole Foods…always provide cutting-edge grocery store lighting,” Pollan observed: “Positive It’s this evocative prose that makes this food special like anything else”-special, that is, for High-end, PMC/free class demographics Who is not used to shopping there.

“You need to go to the farm yourself,” Joel continued, “meet the farmer and see how he runs it. It’s up to you to find the person who does the right thing. There are no shortcuts.”

At that time, I would never doubt that Joel’s stern, almost Puritan-style “beyond organic” admonition would soon apply to American journalism. But 25 years later, readers of Naked Capitalism already know that this is where we are. If you don’t need further persuasion, You can quickly stop on the donation page and return directly.

So first of all,…hmm…is there any smell in the Fourth Manor? The stench made me burst into tears. As Glenn Greenwald just posted on Twitter this morning, Almost everyone who has first-hand experience in the national media realizes that they are immoral liars and unscrupulous discrediting artists. They keep publishing and disseminating things that have nothing to do with the truth. The public also knows this. “

Oh, this is Andrew Sullivan’s latest tweet: “2016 election. Rittenhouse. Covington. Russian collusion. Vaccines. Bounty for American soldiers. Laboratory leak theory. Jussie. Smollett. Pulse shooting. Atlanta shooting. Hunter Biden’s laptop. Inflation. Steele archives.

“Men who have sex with men got everything wrong.”

In contrast, as many of you have repeatedly pointed out in this fundraising event, one of the hallmarks of naked capitalism is the repeated early and accurate appeals. So remember the tip jar! Think about naked capitalism doing it right with far fewer older boys.

Back to Joel’s suggestion, part two.In view of our current mainstream national media-including those like NPR and New Yorker with Atlantic-It is a nonsense provider of a single flavor planning company. Who do we want to track to provide us with the real thing? Who does: We must now rely on a few scattered independent practitioners of old-fashioned journalism.

Independent practitioners like Greenwald also like brutal false orthodoxy. Greenwald also supports other travelers.During the interception, Greenwald and Ben Norton Use naked capitalism to explain why the Washington Post’s acceptance of PropOrNot’s McCarthyist slander is a dangerous wrong mind. Vanity Fair’s James Walcott later attacked us as well as Greenwald, Truthdig, ConsortiumNews and Mark Ames and many other truth-tellers such as Tursi Gabbard, Oliver Stone and Cornell. West, awarded various badges of honor to naked capitalism, Because of the obvious guilt for Trump’s weakness.

Independent practitioners like Matt Taibbi pointed out just a few days ago that “some independent [are doing] Hmm…mainly because the overall quality of mainstream news dropped so low a long time ago, the audience [are] Starve anything [isnt] Dirty, insulting dishonesty… [O]Of course, they can launch a New York Times That sucks less.In a million years, that wonThey did not expect. “

Independent practitioners like Yves, Lambert, and Jerri-Lynn visit almost every damn information farm in the world every day of the week to find something intellectually edible.What elses was mistakenly sold as edible. And deliver the goods to you without the help of Amazon or Uber.

guess what?Naked capitalism is definitely not Bill GatesList of gifts.themrestartHe has nothing to say during Christmas—andIt’s the way they want.

ThenWay US Also want

So I urge you to contribute to naked capitalism as soon as possible, Through its donation page.

As Joel Saladin said, itIt’s up to you to find someone who does the right thing. “

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