The Court Reform Committee adjusted the draft material when submitting the final report to Biden

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President Joe Biden established his court reform committee in April. (Archna nautiyal via Shutterstock)

President Joe Biden’s Court Reform Committee Meeting again on Friday to continue discussions on the draft report planned to be submitted to the President next month.since Last month’s meeting, The committee revised the draft to clarify the language and change its structure, but the substance of the main reform proposals studied by the committee remained basically unchanged, including the expansion of courts and restrictions on the term of judges.

The updated draft material details the arguments for and against these proposals and the options for implementation.this Chapter Expansion of the Court Noted that “the committee members have deep differences on this issue” and announced that they “have worked hard to clarify the outline of the debate.”exist Term limitThese materials have formed a greater consensus in support of reform among scholars and major think tanks. The materials also deal with shadow files, court transparency, and ideas to curb judicial power.

According to their mission, the committee members promised to provide information and analysis—not policy advice. Co-chair Christina Rodriguez said: “We are not responsible for making recommendations or standing on one side or the other.” Compared to the last meeting of the group, Friday’s meeting had much less intense debate, and each chapter received some Comments, thanks and slight criticisms.

in a Executive order In Biden’s report released in April, the committee’s task is to release the final report in mid-November. But its work was delayed for about a month. In the process, it faced criticism from the right and left.Two conservative members Resigned last month, Some Democrats wrote a letter this week saying that the committee’s job is Too tepid.

The group will meet again for the last time on December 7, when it will review the revised version of the report and vote on whether to submit it to the president.Citizens can continue Submit comments And was asked to do so by December 3.

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