LTNM is now available on – Press Release Bitcoin News

LTNM is now available on – Press Release Bitcoin News



Press release. LTNM-another cryptocurrency that takes us to the next level! LTNM is an insurance asset-backed currency based on the Bitcoin blockchain. Monsoon Blockchain Corporation developed it on behalf of the LTNM Foundation. LTNM is a greener, faster and safer version of the great Satoshi Nakamoto’s work. Now you can trade on the exchange!

Due to the nature of Bitcoin’s high energy consumption, LTNM uses Proof of stock (PoS) algorithm to improve the TPS speed of the network, the most important thing is to reduce energy loss. LTNM uses MPoS-mutual equity to strengthen network security by setting costly barriers for attackers to verify blocks and use mining to recover all costs. This makes it more difficult for anyone to perform DoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) attacks on the network.

In addition, LTNM has a chain that supports PoS, but it is difficult to ensure that the blocks are evenly distributed throughout the network. The problem depends on the size of the shares required to create the block.

As mentioned earlier, another distinguishing feature of LTNM is insurance, which is backed by physical and digital assets. In addition, users and companies can unlock new sources of revenue while reducing transaction costs.

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LTNM is a cryptocurrency that focuses on technology development to improve the speed and protection of operations and ethics. This is a good step for us, and it is also a difference for them to participate in our cryptocurrency exchange. “ CEO Denmark Chowdhury said.

Statement from the LTNM Foundation

“We appreciate’s mission to bring the potential of cryptocurrency to a global audience, and thank them for listing the green initiative LTNM to help make it widely available.” said Dr. Don Basile, CEO of Monsoon Blockchain Corporation.

About LTNM

LTNM is a next-generation cryptocurrency backed by insurance assets. Based on the Bitcoin ecosystem, LTNM is more environmentally friendly, faster, and safer, and is expected to revolutionize digital transactions. LTNM plans to use energy-saving proof-of-stake consensus algorithms to bring faster transaction speeds, lower fees, and higher security to high-growth markets such as media, games, telecommunications, and cloud computing.

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