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Press release. Liquid process – By using collectible hand-made wine bottles to add value to their digital art works, it brings a new concept to the NFT space.Their first series Dragon and Bourbon The pre-sale will start at 12 p.m. PST on November 20, and the public sale will start at 12 p.m. PST on November 23.

Liquid Craft aims to bring innovation to both markets through this version and the upcoming NFT market. NFT is backed by collectible bottles, and in each series they release, they aim to provide exquisite wines, spirits, craft beers and various other liqueurs from a range of international artisans.

The Dragons and Bourbon NFT series-the first version

The first version of Liquid Craft, called Dragons and Bourbon, is a series of 1500 NFTs released in two layers-one layer releases 750 NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain, and the other layer releases 750 NFTs on Ethereum. Each of the 1500 NFTs comes with a bottle of high-quality handmade small-batch bourbon, created by an international award-winning brewer from Windsor, Colorado— Heart Brewery.

Heart Distillery has specially produced this small batch of bourbon for this series. Due to the limited number of bottles available, it is limited to 1500 bottles.

The initial release date is expected to be October 31, but due to network congestion and unbelievably high gas prices at the time, the team hopes to reconsider their strategy. Community feedback has been confirmed, and the team has now made the final decision to be released on November 20th and 23rd.

First airdrop for buyers

Initial buyers of Dragons and Bourbon NFT will be eligible for the airdrop of native $CRAFT tokens, depending on the level of purchase. The amount of each NFT depends on the NFT layer purchased. The Ethereum layer has a maximum of 4500 tokens and the Binance layer has a maximum of 1500 tokens. In addition to airdrops, there will also be exclusive offers, events, and automatic access to all future gifts.

NFT and traditional liquor-the ultimate pair

In the past 12 months, NFTs have become very popular and have provided solutions to a series of problems in different industries based on their smart contracts. Liquid Craft is using this technology to provide solutions to the NFT market itself, the traditional liquor investment market, and to provide assistance to high-quality liquor artisans around the world.

By merging the traditional liquor market with the NFT space, potential investors of high-quality liquor can eliminate the entry barriers previously associated with liquor investment, while also improving the safety and authenticity of collecting physical bottles. The intermediate process is eliminated, the storage problem disappears, the bottle can be traded as easily as NFT, and the transaction is carried out as often as needed, and the actual bottle will not leave the supplier.

For NFT collectors, NFTs now have real, tangible value by linking them to appreciation assets. This support for physical products eliminates a lot of speculation currently associated with the NFT market.

NFT market for international craftsmen

For international craftsmen, the past two years have been a difficult period for some people. The international tourism industry has been at a historically low level, and the income of most breweries, breweries and breweries that previously relied on this tourism industry has suffered a major blow.

The goal of Liquid Craft’s upcoming upcoming market is to provide a potential lifeline for these smaller craftsmen. This market will allow them to present their products to new consumers on an international scale by offering their products as NFTs.

Leading advantage of the pre-sale on November 20 and the public sale on November 23

The Dragons and Bourbon NFT series will be pre-sale for lucky participants who have successfully obtained whitelist entries at 12 pm PST on November 20th.

The public sale will start at 12pm PST on November 23. Since the number of NFTs released is small, the principle of first come, first served will be adopted. Updates to the upcoming release date, as well as further promotions and AMA details, will be announced on the project’s social media platform.

To help prepare for the upcoming release date, the project has partnered with leading Crypto marketing agency Coin-operated coffee machine. The Coinpresso team will assist with this release and all future releases, and provide assistance for all marketing, search engine optimization and promotion needs.

NFT is now not just digital art works, Liquid Craft is using them to bring changes to the NFT space and the traditional wine market through this series. Their upcoming market is expected to provide a new source of income for artisans around the world, as well as a range of choices for investors in NFT and premium liquor.



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