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NASA said that the longest partial lunar eclipse of this century will occur tomorrow morning, making the moon red for about 3.5 hours Daily mail

How Australia’s Eastern Bandicoot recovered from extinction Smithsonian

Fannie Mae issues billions of mortgage-backed NFTs onion

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s crackdown on DeFi is imminent Fort Doom

Amazon’s dark secret: it failed to protect your data wired


Wall Street consensus on COP26 Extraordinary world

The Brazilian Amazon has experienced the fastest rate of deforestation in 15 years Financial Times

#Coronavirus disease

Analysis of early COVID-19 cases in Wuhan science. important. Summary: “To clarify the origin of the pandemic requires understanding of the outbreak in Wuhan.” Please read it carefully because it is said that the regular timeline is wrong (including index cases). Convenient map:

Ivermectin: Much more than you want to know Astral Scott Alexander, Astral Code X. A layman’s (exhaustive) review of the research on

Doctor sues hospital over ivermectin ban due to journal article withdrawal Medical Today Edition

Globally, the vaccine suspicion rate has stalled Morning consultation


China tells Japan to establish relations with neighboring countries before forming an alliance with the United States South China Morning Post. That should be done.

People’s Financial Review: Why is China’s economy strong and dynamic? What to read in China

WTA threatened Yin Peng to withdraw the event from China Reuters

Great power competition Bezel. Deck: “How does ping-pong change the diplomacy between the United States and China.”


Myanmar’s coup leader Min Aung Lai is barred from entering China-ASEAN The Irrawaddy. Ouch.

Myanmar military uses systemic torture across the country Associated Press. Customs clearance operations continue:

Open source investigators trying to bring justice to Myanmar The Financial Times hopes that it will not be “open source” like Bellingcat.

Vietnam reconsiders methane-emitting rice amid climate crisis Al Jazeera

Every time after the flood, Hoi An will save itself as usual (Gallery) Saigon people. It’s like Manhattan!


Manufacturing allows Korea to survive the pandemic Blue roof

South Korea rationed urea due to supply shortages, causing drivers to panic buying Straits Times


PM Modi said the center will repeal three new agricultural laws and urge protesters to go home scroll

Reaction to India’s decision to repeal the agricultural law Reuters


Turkic countries support the opening of the Zangazur Corridor Caspian News

In Afghanistan, climate change has led to an increase in child marriages dark

supply chain

Truck drivers avoid 24-hour work in Southern California ports Greek shipping news. It is difficult to understand why waiting for eight unpaid hours at night is not more attractive than waiting for eight unpaid hours during the day. Maybe they should put Kamala on this. Pete does not seem to be equivalent to it.


Explanation: What is Article 16, and will it trigger? Telegraph

Risks, aggression, Brexit and Article 16 Dominic Cummings. This is a wild thing. I can’t parse it, but for some reason, Cummings seems to be helpful to Johnson. excerpt:

Until September 25, 2020 [Johnson] Finally vaguely understood what it meant to leave the customs union.I will never forget the look on his face. After listening to Frost’s speech at a meeting in the final stage of the negotiation, he said,’No, no, Frosty, fuck this, what will happen with A deal? ‘Frost looked up from his paper and said,’In the afternoon, this is what happened with A transaction, This is the meaning of leaving the customs union.’PM’s face is priceless. He sat back in the chair, looked around the room in disbelief, and shook his head. The phone of the frightened official rang around the cabinet table. A very senior official texted me, “Now I realize how you successfully completed Brexit?”. As Hunter S Thompson said, humor in politics is usually dark.

I thought I knew my Hunter Thompson, but I don’t remember this sentence. reader?

“Poop Tomatoes” were found on the shore of the Kent coast, sewage was discharged into the sea Independence (dk).Do not say Conservative Party I have never done anything for you!

Poland warned that if Lukashenko “weaponized” migrants, millions of asylum seekers in the Middle East could come to Europe through Belarus Daily mail. million,I tell you!

New cold war

Putin vowed to maintain “tensed relations” with the West on Ukraine Financial Times

The Mexican army stands among the gangs and strengthens the division of territory Associated Press

Realignment and legality

Breaking up is bad for the U.S. Stephen Walter, Foreign Policy

Rittenhouse Trial

The Rittenhouse jury conducted its third day of deliberations without a verdict Associated Press

Explainer: What allegations does Kyle Rittenhouse face? Associated Press

After the bus incident, MSNBC was banned from participating in the Rittenhouse trial Associated Press

The terrible smell of Bristol Brokovic report. Toxic landfill.

health care

Another epidemic: Fentanyl is killing people in Nashville at an alarming rate Nashville scene

Our famous free media

Not to happen:

Zeitgeist Observation

WWF fighters converted to preachers embezzled millions of sons-and Brett Favre Royce Report

Adult alcoholism by specific characteristics and state in 2018 CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

Black injustice tipping point

“Basic justice:” The judge cleared 2 of Malcolm X killed ABC with J. Edgar Hoover concealed that some of the witnesses to the Malcolm X murder were FBI informants. now

Class struggle

Teamsters United wins Labor notes. Hoffa’s slate failed.

John Deere employees approve the third contract proposal, ending the five-week strike with After John Deere contract was approved, Des Moines UAW negotiating chair died of COVID-19
Des Moines Register

Physicists create discrete-time crystals in programmable quantum simulator Physical world

Longing for immortality Times Literature Supplement. Bezos and Thiel.

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