3 reasons why Keep3rV1 (KP3R) prices hit a record high this month

Keep3rV1 (KP3R) is one of the few altcoins that have been unscathed from this week’s bearish turn in the crypto market.

Although many digital assets plunged under the leadership of Bitcoin (BTC), which rebounded after hitting a record high last week, KP3R rose 31.60% against the U.S. dollar between November 12 and November 19. Bitcoin rose 44.17%.

Let’s take a look at what drives the outstanding performance and what makes altcoins stand out from the bleak dynamics of the market?

Founder’s magic

Most of the driving force behind the explosive price changes in the history of KP3R assets can be attributed to Andre Kronje, the founder of Keep3r Network. Kronje is an outstanding figure in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi) and the founder of the income agriculture aggregator yEarn.finance (YFI), which is one of the top DeFi protocols in the encryption field.

The Keep3r Network, first announced in October 2020, is a job registration designed to match organizations and other job providers with technical professionals or Keepers who can perform daily tasks such as collecting high-yield agricultural harvests.

The Keep3r ecosystem eventually expanded to include Keep3r Eden, a rule system that supports transparent transaction sequences, a fixed foreign exchange market designed to provide alternatives to USD-denominated stablecoins, and an option liquidity mining platform.

Historically, KP3R has always excited investors because the token has experienced rapid appreciation many times since Uniswap was first listed. It is believed that Kronje’s contact can turn any project into a super-successful enterprise, which may inspire positive sentiment for the asset.

November bull market

This fall, KP3R traded at around US$300 per token for most of September and October, but its price rose sharply on November 8, when the total value locked in the fixed foreign exchange of Keep3r Network exceeded 1 billion U.S. dollars.

As the price of tokens began to soar, the arrangement of trading volume and social sentiment patterns around KP3R became more and more similar to the explosive price movements of tokens before. The asset’s very strong VORTECS™ score proves this-an algorithmic indicator that compares the historical dynamics of token trading and social activities with current observed dynamics.Exclusively for Cointelegraph subscribers Market Professional Edition, VORTECS™ scores evaluate whether the current situation is bearish, neutral or bullish based on the historical record of token price movements.

On November 11 and 12, KP3R’s transaction price was slightly higher than $1,000, which was almost twice the price of the previous week. The VORTECS™ score of the token is at a high level in the 1980s, indicating that the algorithm is very confident that KP3R is still bullish on the outlook for the next 12-72 hours, and further increases can be expected.

VORTECS™ score (green) and KP3R price, November 11-18. source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

Listing on crypto exchanges tends to increase token prices

November 12, a announcement A new Binance trading pair, KP3R/USDT, was released on Twitter. Thanks to the NewsQuakes™ feature of the platform (red circle in the chart), Markets Pro subscribers received alerts about development almost immediately.

The price of KP3R did not soar immediately, but after a few hours, the asset rose sharply, from $976 to a high of $1,923 in just 17 hours-an increase of nearly 100%.

It is true that the listing of Binance is big news for any digital asset, but as far as KP3R is concerned, the announcement fell on an extremely fertile land. The arrangement of trading activities and social sentiment indicators has been very favorable, and the spark provided by Binance’s tweets has triggered an extremely powerful price surge.telegraph Market Professional Edition Subscribers are warned of the bullish situation surrounding KP3R and the news itself.

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