1968 Toyota 2000GT-Big Picture

2000GT is known as the most beautiful, The most important Japanese car ever.this rare, Japan Type E, Is The most collectible value A car once produced in Japan.

Yamaha was briefly manufactured between 1967 and 1970. Production was very limited. A total of 351 vehicles were produced, of which only 62 were shipped to the United States.

The two-door, two-seater front-mounted rear-wheel drive design has completely changed the world view of Japanese cars. Its aluminum body is sexy and sexy, with a double bubble roof. The DOHC developed by Yamaha, 12-valve, half-head straight six-cylinder provides power, and is used in conjunction with a five-speed manual transmission. It produced 150 horsepower, enough to make it compete with the Porsche 9111 at the time.

a friend Have a Sold a few years ago; the rarity of this car is why they often change hands for more than $750,000. The particularly striking white version you see below is priced at $850,000.

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