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How inflation ended after the last pandemic Your great-great-grandparents don’t read articles about CPI every day, because CPI didn’t exist until the early 1920s. If it is published anywhere, it is for government officials and economists, not for Fox News hosts. Then, between 1920 and 1921, there was an 18-month economic recession, which burst the price bubble and restored inflation to a more moderate rate. This moderation will lay the foundation for one of the most important innovations and economic advances in history. (Reform broker)

Cities with vacant offices see new spaces for expanding housing: After Covid, cities such as New York are weighing whether to transform vacant office buildings into affordable housing. (politics) You can also take a look The vision of U.S. computer chip prosperity makes cities noisy Many local governments see a glimmer of hope for the shortage of semiconductor chips that is causing the global economic slowdown. (New York Times)

Deflation!In the chaos of the supply chain that could ruin your holiday plans How the wild details of the most iconic shipping crisis perfectly illustrate our global trade dilemma. (Vanity Fair)

What’s wrong with ESG investment explained by Ohio media No matter how much you and I hate those companies that pollute the planet, use high drug prices to entrap patients, produce dangerous weapons for the public to buy, or use dangerous conspiracy theories to poison our democracy, we will not get the shares of these companies and disappear; some will Own them. (Bloomberg)

The golden age of resentment We are in a trillion-dollar musical chair game. Except for some people who thought their chairs could not disappear, others were sitting on the chairs before the music really stopped. Several players just picked up the chairs and left the room. The only losers are those who really follow the rules. (Young money)

Supply chain chaos brings unexpected gains to Wall Street Hedge funds increase the value of shares in container shipping companies and sell ships (Wall Street Journal)

Why is there no large-scale teacher exodus Recent statistics indicate that although severe teacher shortages have been reported in some regions, the country as a whole is not facing a sudden teacher shortage. Compared with support staff such as substitute teachers, bus drivers, and auxiliary professionals, any shortage of full-time K-12 teachers does not seem to be that severe and widespread. Their salaries are low and their jobs are unstable. (Five thirty eight)

Where is the most optimistic place for young people?In poorer countriesA global survey shows that more than half of Americans, young and old, say that today’s children are not as financially successful as their parents. (New York Times)

Popular psychology killed the villain: Libby is more important than the scourge We are all affected by our experiences, good or bad, but rarely in clear or simple ways. The psychotherapist will not identify an important turning point in the client’s life (“Well, Dalmatian, you say?”) and close the case. Sometimes, a person can know every factor, but still encounter a terrible, unilluminated personality core emptiness. In real life, not everyone who does appalling things is misunderstood. (Non-herd)

Do you know how the Beatles ended?Peter Jackson might change your mindThe director’s three-part documentary “Get Back” explores the most controversial period in the band’s history and reveals that there are still many controversies. (New York Times)

Be sure to check our Master of Business This week with Edwin Conway, Global Director BlackRock Alternative Investor (BAI), its total assets exceed 300 billion U.S. dollars. BlackRock’s global alternative businesses, including real estate, infrastructure, hedge funds, private equity and credit, are one of the fastest growing parts of the investment giant.

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