Virginia’s latest annual postpartum medical assistance

After the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Virginia became the latest state to offer 12-month postpartum Medicaid and child health insurance plans Officially recognized Amendments to the state’s Medicaid plan on Thursday.

After the U.S. rescue plan stipulates that the simplified application to extend postpartum insurance for 12 months becomes effective in April 2022, more states may follow suit next year.

Maternal mortality rate deterioration According to a September report from the United States Civil Rights Commission, the past three decades have been in the United States, especially among black women.Health complications related to childbirth cost the United States at least 32.3 billion U.S. dollars, another Learn Established.

Medicaid payment More than 40% The number of births in the United States, but federal law currently only requires states to provide 60-day postpartum Medicaid insurance to people whose income does not exceed 138% of the federal poverty level. Many states provide insurance for pregnant women above the minimum income level, but in states that have not expanded the Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act, people may not be able to easily obtain coverage at the end of the two months of Medicaid.

As a condition of obtaining additional federal Medicaid funding during the COVID-19 public health emergency, states must currently enroll people in Medicaid programs—including those who gave birth more than 60 days ago.

The Biden administration hopes to promote maternal health and solve the problem of pregnancy-related mortality.

CMS administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure said at the National Association of Medicaid Directors meeting on Tuesday: “When we consider trying to really change maternal health outcomes, a key issue is to ensure that we maintain coverage.”

American Medical Association agree During the House of Representatives meeting on Tuesday, 12 months of postpartum Medicaid insurance was necessary and stated that pregnancy should be treated as a qualifying life event specially registered in the personal insurance market. The AMA also stated that a standard definition of maternal mortality should be developed, and states and tribes should obtain resources to collect and analyze maternal mortality data and other policies.

Earlier this year, New Jersey and Illinois expanded insurance coverage to 12 months after delivery. CMS also approved a partial expansion of insurance coverage-Georgia provides six months of post-natal insurance, and Missouri provides extended post-natal insurance for beneficiaries of substance abuse disorders and mental health treatments.

according to Caesars Family Foundation, Other states, including Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, plan to take advantage of the provisions of the American Rescue Plan Act, which will take effect on April 1, 2022, and remove the barriers for states to obtain postpartum Medicaid and CHIP insurance for one year.

The Democratic Party hopes that the settlement package passed by Congress this year will Require The state provides 12 months of continuous postpartum Medicaid and CHIP eligibility.

Virginia’s 12-month postpartum insurance took effect on Thursday and will last until June 30, 2029, but the state can apply for further extensions. Postpartum individuals can join at any time within 12 months of pregnancy. The state expects that the new coverage will cover 6,000 people.

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