The blockchain-based social network Viblos will launch a beta version in March 2022 – Press release Bitcoin News

Press release. In today’s era, social networks play a huge role in people’s lives. However, some privacy issues and other issues have surfaced and become unresolved issues for many central agencies.

Unexpectedly, there is a demand for a decentralized network, and many people try to get a share of the pie. As the fierce battle for market dominance is about to take place, some projects are trying to gain the upper hand by introducing certain incentives.

This is the case with Viblos-a social network that aims to be an “ideal place” for users seeking to democratize free social networks and provide its users with various channels for earning passive income.

Viblos’ next-generation tokenized network will be launched next year

The team behind the project announced the first launch of its next-generation tokenized social interaction platform earlier this month. From March 2022, users will be able to use the beta version, and the full rollout is expected to take place in the second quarter of 2022.

vibrato It will serve as a tokenized platform that allows its users to passively earn the native token VIBLO. However, how much money they actually make in the end depends on personal data and shared content.

In addition to operating as a social network platform with many different functions, Viblos will also enable its customers to interact with investors, create non-fungible tokens (NFT), and tokenize advertising. One of the project’s promises is that it will never monitor or cancel users’ disagreements. In fact, by emphasizing the importance of this commitment, Viblos has become a pioneer in this area.

The team also claimed that they have resolved the aforementioned concerns about privacy, password theft, and government censorship, and that users will have access to digital assets.

As far as VIBLO tokens are concerned, 3 billion will be minted initially, and the founder will receive 20%. The remaining 80%, 10% for early investors, 5% for consultants and experts, 5% for marketing and promotion, and the remaining 60% for pledge rewards and communication between users.

Set an example

Neither the founders or promoters have or will never have direct access to their tokens. They will only receive tokens based on the actual capital of the project. This model was created to avoid price dumping and flood the market with millions of tokens.

What is vibrato

The interesting thing about Viblos is that it allows users to choose an ad-free experience or choose to watch ads and get paid. Similarly, users can tokenize advertisements to promote their companies, websites, products, and services.

It is also worth noting that the project vowed to introduce the concept of “renting your data”, enabling users to retain control and ownership of their own data while using it to generate revenue.

Viblos is a tokenized hybrid social network that supports social interaction and community creation based on democracy and freedom of speech. Of course, although there are restrictions that should never be exceeded, Viblos will never de-monetize or censor them because of anyone’s disagreement. Unfortunately, this is the case on most existing large platforms.


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