Nurse staffing startup Trust receives nearly $150 million in new funding

Trust, Inc. is a Medical staffing According to a press release on Thursday, the platform has raised $149 million in new financing.

The financing includes two rounds of financing, including a US$94 million Series C financing led by Greenspring Associates, which is now part of the StepStone Group, and an unannounced US$55 million Series B financing led by Craft Ventures and Felicis Ventures. The company has raised a total of 175 million US dollars.

Trust will use the new funds to launch its clinical staffing platform Works and hire more staff. The company plans to double the number of employees by the end of next year.

It positions Works as a data-driven platform that allows hospitals to create an on-demand care workforce by identifying and managing employed and contract nurses based on real-time information.

“After identifying the right resources, Works manages the entire employee life cycle, from managing the onboarding and certification process to monitoring compliance and managing payments,” the press release said.

Virtual platforms that match employers with medical staff through automated processes are becoming a common alternative to traditional recruitment and recruitment. Modern Medical Report.

These digital markets have a faster and more cost-effective system that allows qualified candidates to find their most suitable positions, while employers can skip hours of screening unsuitable candidates.

They appear when the industry is struggling to find and retain employees.

Due to the pandemic, 80% of nursing leaders reported an increase in nurse turnover. According to a study by Incredible Health in 2021, the demand for intensive care and emergency nurses has increased by 186% in the past year.

Many employers face Higher cost Scrambling to reduce the vacancy rate by hiring temporary employees and is hiring Incentive work Any way they can.

Other startups are working to curb the demand for more clinicians by helping them use their time more efficiently. It’s worth noting that a startup that automates workflows for healthcare professionals, Made $100 million Additional funding earlier this month.

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