Northwest Medicine establishes lung treatment center

Northwest Medicine establishes lung treatment center



Northwestern University stated that the Canning Thoracic Institute will be committed to providing groundbreaking research, clinical breakthroughs and high-quality care in the fields of thoracic surgery and respiratory medicine.

“We want to create solutions for seemingly impossible problems and become a destination center for lung and chest diseases,” Dr. Ankit Bharat, director of thoracic surgery at Northwestern Medical and executive director of the Canning Chest Institute, said in a statement. “Our team leads the country in finding new ways to combat deadly respiratory diseases such as COVID-19, which is proven through historic milestones. Pioneering the first COVID-19 double lung transplant The country with the best clinical results in the world. ”

The statement said that the institute’s work vision includes the search for breakthrough ideas and treatments, such as lung bioengineering and surgical innovation, to improve rehabilitation and outcomes.

Dean M. Harrison, President and CEO of Northwestern Memorial HealthCare, said in a statement: “Our response to the pandemic demonstrates our strength as an international leader in innovative and breakthrough treatments.”

More than 70 pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, and intensive care providers from Northwestern Medicine are responsible for the nation’s first double lung transplant for a COVID-19 patient, the first “COVID to COVID” double lung transplant, and the first case of robotic emphysema in the United States Operation.

Laura Garcia Aguinaga, one of the four COVID-19 transplant patients who spoke at the press conference today, said that she would give her a chance to be born again if others have already given up grateful.

Ballat said that the Houston resident had been included on the Texas transplant list and was then removed from the list because of an irreparable illness. Northwestern Medical accepted her case in August 2020 and performed a double lung transplant for her.

“I was in a coma in Houston and didn’t know what happened….Next I knew I woke up in Chicago,” Aguinaga said.

“Dr. Bharat told me that I have a 2% survival rate,” she said, between transporting from Texas to receiving the transplant.

The health system also participates in the adult and pediatric cystic fibrosis joint program with the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, and establishes a specialized nursing partnership with Shirley Ryan AbilityLab to provide medical and surgical care for patients with spinal cord injury and provide Patients with spinal cord injuries provide medical and surgical care. The statement said that pulmonary hypertension cooperated with the Broome Cardiovascular Institute of Northwestern Medicine.

This story first appeared in our sister publication, Crain’s Chicago business.


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