New York recovers $19 million in unpaid wages for home health aides

New York recovers $19 million in unpaid wages for home health aides


The agreement is the largest of its kind in the state, and payments are made in two phases. In the first phase, the state will receive US$5.2 million in compensation for violating the labor law, and another US$2 million will be paid to employees affected by the violation of the paid sick leave law. Dismissed employees are paid back.

In the second phase, more than $11.5 million will be recovered, subject to court approval. At this stage, compensation is provided for live-in workers and the affected individuals are required to participate in the settlement.

On the recommendation of the Ministry of Consumer and Worker Protection, the investigation of Intergen and Amazing began in 2018. According to the agreement, the two companies are also required to correct their policies and accept two-year compliance supervision.

James said: “These hardworking New Yorkers should not only get paid unfairly refused to give them, but they should also ensure that this situation will not happen again.”

This story first appeared in our sister publication “Crane’s New York Business”.

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