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The best touch screen gloves to prevent frostbite fingers when texting Popular mechanics (resilc)

Two Forever chemicals are more toxic than previously thought Ecological Observation (David L)

New mRNA anti-tick vaccine can not only prevent Lyme disease New Atlas (David L)

We are all weak Aeon

#Coronavirus disease

The JAB RAGE MMA fighter who claimed to be an unvaccinated assassin “stabbed a doctor to death with an animal bone in a Covid jab” The sun (elastic). ‘Roid’s anger is on, uh, a strongly held point of view?

To gain a foothold in global opera: the cost of COVID Open democracy


Antibody protection after mild COVID-19 may not last; an estimated 100 million people are chronically infected with the new coronavirus Reuters (resilc)

Identification of LZTFL1 as a candidate effector gene at risk of COVID-19 Natural genetics

The impact of COVID-19 critical illness on new disability, functional outcomes, and return to work after 6 months: a prospective cohort study BMC. Published. n=274.


Europe is once again the epicenter of COVID-19, and countries focus on new containment measures – Wire (J-LS)

Profits not science: the German government’s COVID-19 policy WSWS (Micael T)


Fauci said the number of fully vaccinated hospitalizations in the United States has risen NBC (furry)

“Nothing has changed”-Syracuse Hospital and EMT are still in crisis mode before the onset of winter RMB Central


Lufthansa repays German rescue plan ahead of schedule Agence France-Presse (Micael T)

COP26/climate change

Glasgow: A sense of direction is clearer, but there are no hard numbers Bruegel

The gains and disappointments of COP26, now lean towards the gap Yale Climate Link

Biden government sells oil and gas leases days after climate summit NPR (David L)


Biden-Xi Summit: A Posture of Incompetence Before the Danger of War WSWS

The founder of Evergrande used $1.1 billion out of his pocket to repay the company’s debts, mortgage luxury homes and sell artworks to raise funds Business insider. Why do I suspect that he is being relied on, big time? On the other hand, this kind of thing does not happen in the Anglo circle.

China’s “One Belt, One Road” is going smoothly all the way in Central Asia Asia Times. Kevin W:
Look at the two paragraphs beginning with “Major obstacles…”


As the battle in the capital of India worsened the smog, dangerous pollution forced a partial blockade of Delhi Forbes

New Delhi suspends coal-fired power plants and closes schools indefinitely amid ongoing air pollution Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Kevin W)


An unlikely threat to Western alliances Atlantic. Wowsers, ignoring a number of issues: 1. The EU has provided many concessions on the so-called crux of the problem and the internal trade of the UK, exempting those who will not or are unlikely to eventually transfer from NI to the EU. The EU has every reason not to allow NI to be a backdoor to evade EU rules. 2. GFA has never been a problem to be solved by the European Union, but Barnier provided the United Kingdom with three options in December 2018; 3. The United Kingdom has made it clear that unless it is not subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice on certain issues, it will Will not be happy… It hasn’t worked so far. Therefore, if the United Kingdom does not make a request now, the EU hopes that the United Kingdom will continue to re-deal bit by bit; 4. Northern Ireland’s economic performance will be worse than the current arrangement.

Old Brady

Coming to the United States:

Decathlon halts sales of canoes to curb immigration crossings in the English Channel British Broadcasting Corporation (resilc)

Latin America

The minister pushing for regime change in Venezuela discussed its oil with the gasoline company Decrypted UK (Micael T)

Bolivian President Luis Arce talks about the country’s recovery from the U.S.-backed coup and Latin American unification Orinoco Tribune (Micael T)

Cuba faces the CIA’s most complex culture war operation TeleSUR (Micael T)

Indonesia’s highest priest suspected of being linked to terrorist activities database

New cold war

Frozen Germany Pepe Escobar (Micael T)


Why the liberation of Malibu will break Saudi Arabia and shake up West Asia Cradle (guurst)

John Pilger: The Great Game of Smashing the Country TeleSUR (Micael T)

The Arab-Syrian Assad reconciliation also works for Israel Haaretz

Big brother is watching you

Exclusive: Los Angeles Police Department cooperates with technology company to realize secret online espionage guardian

Another Intel chip defect puts a large number of gadgets at risk wired. Resilc: “Oh no, no, someone can hack my internet connection bird feeder.”


Biden, senior officials decentralized promotion of infrastructure package Hill. The smell of despair and disconnection. Once you pass a spending bill, voters want to see the results, not talk more.

Senator Sanders voted “no” on the $778 billion defense budget YouTube (Kevin C)

Republican Clown Car

Marco Rubio is polishing his nihilism certificate in a crazy party Charles Pierce, Esquire (resilc)

The discordant split of the Republican Party has regained the focus of attention Hill

California plans to create a post-caviar world because abortion opportunities elsewhere are reduced Caesars Health News

“The Woods Next Door”: American community forests take root Reuters (resilc)

Black injustice tipping point

When the jury decided on Rittenhouse’s fate, the protesters had already clashed. Vice (flexible)

Sources said that when Malcolm X was assassinated in 1965, their convictions would be overturned, which caused new homicide problems. Daily news

Wake up the watch

Hochul promises to hire new head of Italian-American affairs amid backlash New York Post (resilc)

supply chain

Morgan Stanley says the shortage of semiconductor chips in the automotive industry is coming to an end Fox (flexible)

Right to repair

Apple will sell you iPhone parts so you can repair your phone at home edge. Resilc: “I hope the next John Deere.”


The CalPERS Board of Directors selects new asset allocation for the portfolio and increases leverage Sovereign Wealth Fund (Kevin W)

After CalPERS lowers market expectations, California public officials’ pension bills will rise Central Plaza (Kevin W)

CalPERS announces more leverage to increase investment E21

Ranking: best and worst pension plans, by country Visual Capitalist (Micael T)


“Where is the scam?” – In the popular “tree planting” trend on Instagram vice. Resilc: “I do it about 300 times a year in Vermont. Depending on the rainfall in late spring, I might keep 50% in the next winter.”

Report: Technical debt makes 51% of engineers consider resigning VCs

As the card-fee fight expands, Visa frustrated under the UK’s Amazon ban Bloomberg. Vlad: “Haha. Amazon vs. Visa (so far in the UK). Let’s take out the popcorn…”

Class struggle

CDC data shows that driven by fentanyl, the number of deaths from drug overdose exceeds 100,000 for the first time each year CNN (flexible)

Photographed by camera: DoorDash driver uses Brentwood lobby as toilet Los Angeles CBS local (resilc). Don’t blame me for the dirty turn of the news…

Dirty U.S. Dollar: How tattered American banknotes became Zimbabwe’s latest street hustle Guardian (resilient)

Department of Justice sues Uber for “waiting time” to drive up prices for people with disabilities US News (Eric the fruit bat). 2 minutes? ? ? Most New York taxis do not activate the meter until the passenger is seated.

Antidote of the day. Bob H: “Ebb in Maine”:

And bonus (guurst):

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