Are you the kind of person who strongly wants to eat all the rubbish every time you smoke? Yes, so do I. This does mean that I must reduce my smoking in order to eat healthy, lose weight and save money. This is a completely personal journey, but I did find that I need to learn how to control snacks so that I can really enjoy smoking without spending a fortune on food and feel very sluggish the next day. First, we need to understand what causes snacks, and then we can start looking for ways to avoid it. You can completely control or even stop snacking when you want. Then, you can continue to enjoy the occasional snack and junk festival with friends and movies.

What are snacks?

When you smoke and you increasingly need to experience the smell, texture and flavor of food and drink, we call it snacks. Usually, we are attracted to more fatty and sugary snacks purely because of the increase in flavor and the reward culture based on foods that are not good for us. Researchers believe that THC stimulates many hormones in the brain. One of them is called ghrelin, which is known for stimulating appetite and food-related senses. This is why marijuana is used medically to stimulate the appetite of people who suffer from AIDS, cancer and various other problems that reduce the ability to eat healthy. Some strains activate this hormone more easily than others, but some of us can easily fall prey to snacks, while others are not. So yes, that’s basically it. THC triggers our brain to want to eat a bunch of melted cheese, some crispy potato chips, or a bunch of delicious creamy chocolate.

Can they be stopped?

The answer is simple, yes, although it will be harder for some people than for others. Personally, when smoking marijuana reaches 0, my motivation and impulse control, but of course you can give it a try.

Stay active

For me, the easiest way to distract myself from snacking is to keep busy. When I just sit and watch TV or movies, I most want to order a bunch of unhealthy snacks. If you spend most of your time on sports, walking, playing video games, doing creative things while watching movies, anything that works for you. Staying active will prevent you from falling into the nightmare combination of snacking and boring eating. I like to bake while eating snacks, because I will eat something delicious in the end, but this will keep you active, which means you are less likely to overeating.

Looking for delicious real food

My friend and I used to save money, and once a month we go to a good restaurant for barbecue. This is a treat for the senses, not just eating pizza. You can experience a variety of delicious flavors and textures while still eating a healthy and balanced food set. If you don’t like going out, order from a good place, maybe you can buy Japanese food or something equally healthy. Then you can associate snacks with fresh and delicious foods that will not make you feel sick and boring. I really recommend the restaurant, it is very interesting, it allows us to work hard and look forward to it all month. To be honest, it usually helps me budget.

Earn it

If you like to eat unhealthy snacks during orgasm, but the consequences make you feel sad, try exercising ahead of time. I found that as a mental health assistant, if I had at least washed clothes or went for a walk, I would not feel so bad about “bed days”. Similarly, chewing a lot after exercise will make it less stressful. Even if it does not affect your brain, it may also reduce the weight you gain from snacking. You basically replenish the calories you burn, but I personally basically exercise, so I can eat anything.

Find your weakness

Eliminating temptation and understanding your weaknesses can help you reduce snacks. If you have a lot of snacks at home, you may eat all the snacks. If you are ready to buy pizza or burritos, you might use it. Try to make sure you have some snacks at home to meet basic chewing needs, but don’t fill up your house with garbage before smoking at night. If you can fill your cupboard with delicious but healthy food that you can easily eat, maybe you can make yourself some stir-fry or other delicious but healthy food in advance so that you can go to the city to eat these foods, Instead of eating greasy things.

Change strain

If none of these work and your appetite cannot be controlled, try a different pressure. As I said before, certain strains cause a stronger chewing response than others. This is why people with poor appetite use certain strains to increase their eating needs. If stress brings you snacks every time you smoke, just replace them. Try as many different varieties as possible until you find one that won’t make you hungry. The many time pressures that are higher in CBD are better for those suffering from intense snacking.

Drink water

We are easily dehydrated, especially when smoking. Thirst usually means that you also feel hungry. When smoking a cigarette, prepare a large bottle of water by your side, and start drinking water whenever you feel the need to eat. In any case, your mouth is likely to become dry, and the taste of cold water will be great.

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