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Listen to Stephanie Tilenius, CEO of Vida Health, talk about what she has heard from payers, providers, and employers about risk-based value models, the shift to virtual care, and the increasing importance of mental health services as a corporate culture builder into a para-virtual In a semi-office world, you will learn that her past work in leading various payment and commercial businesses for Google, eBay, and PayPal may come in handy. For example, the shift to virtual care, she said, “Like the Internet in 1999…it is happening.”

We got the latest information on how Vida Health achieved this goal on its own, and how they hope the newly expanded risk model can help. Vida has always been at risk for physical outcomes related to diabetes management, high blood pressure, etc. But the mental health aspect they provide (which increased by 6000% year-on-year during the pandemic) is now at risk of outcome as well. As the entire industry is shifting to a value-based model, we discussed with Stephanie in depth what she heard from clients (including customers and investor Centene), and learned about the growth of the employer market, which she believes is her main business. The way employers view health care as the new sexy job allowance has changed. “Not snacks, transportation or other benefits,” Stephanie said. “It’s all about healthcare.”

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