Announces Sarah Henry “Double Donation” Challenge

We are happy to announce another “double donation” challenge. Loyal donor Sarah Henry stepped up to launch another mega challenge, just like she has done for our annual fundraising event since 2017. She will match the next 30 donations of $100 and the next 40 donations of $50. Therefore, if you are too busy to visit our donation page or send a check, then you have a new opportunity to increase your donation.Make her generous proposal a positive success Now go to the tip jar!

Readers have been sending comforting messages: From Chris K:

I have always had a soft heart for the unfortunate among us and directed my donations to ordinary charities that help them. However, in recent years, when I witnessed the destruction of the middle class and the takeover of our government by corporate interests, I decided to expand the scope of my donation to include independent journalists like you, who analyzed and told the truth about what happened. Your own writing and your aggregation of the writing of others are a veritable gold mine for your readers.

I stumbled upon naked capitalism a few years ago, and I feel very lucky.

And Janice M:

I think I “found” you around 2009, and when I missed a day to browse the website, I would feel scared. When on vacation, I will annoy friends and family. But to me, nothing is more important than trying to understand what is happening in the politics and economy of our world.

And Erno:

Hey, we love you too, you know. We are not fabricated, you are really an island of sanity in a sea of ??chaos.

And Eclair:

NC is like a great online course for people who are curious. The disadvantage of this is that it makes me very isolated among friends and family. For a while, “I can’t believe you are still watching MSNBC, or listening to (and believe) NPR (although they still do some great reports.)

However, NC reviews have improved my critical debate skills, and the reliable and often mysterious information in my database about economics, finance, and politics has also improved. And, more importantly, with the encouragement of Amfortas, I have been working hard to hone my “listening” skills, just as he did in the feed store. Try to suppress my tendency to “spread the truth” and listen to the truth understood by others.

Please make your contribution Here, by check, debit or credit card, or PayPal. If you provide by check (we like checks! No processing fees!), please be sure to email us at [email protected] and indicate “Sarah Henry Challenge” in the subject line.

Thanks to Sarah for her generosity, I hope readers can respond kindly.

If $50 or $100 is a burden for you, don’t let it stop you Donate If you have planned but do not have time yet. Every contribution helps us achieve our goals.

You can help by introducing our work to others now and throughout the year, whether in person to friends, family, and colleagues, or through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. So I hope you can accept Sarah’s fundraising challenge in any way!

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