Worth-watching online cartoons from the 2000s: Part 2

Welcome back to the online cartoons of the 2000s, where we can review all the best online dramas of the millennial youth. During this time, Newgrounds and Youtube were hotbeds of weird and wonderful cartoons, which were basically designed to be watched while throwing rocks. Last time we looked at some classic works, from salad fingers to alpacas with hats. This time, we will introduce more popular programs of that era, as well as some programs that you may not be familiar with. Therefore, without further ado, let’s take a look at some strange and wonderful cartoons that are perfect for smoking.

Dick character

This is a show later in the 2000s, the first episode aired in 2010. This is a cartoon about two friends, one is red and the other is blue. One is more reasonable and normal, and the other is a bit unreliable. Of course, this is a very basic and popular premise, but I remember this is one of my favorite cartoons. I mean there must be some fat phobia, sexism, and racism in the form of Japanese raccoons, but one person cannot have everything. This is still an era when a man makes these cartoons trying to offend each other, so you won’t find a lot of content that is not good to cancel. If you just want to watch something stupid tear off your face and laugh, then I recommend Dick Figures.

Zero punctuation

Well, technically, these videos have more reviews than any game, but they are animated and fun. The series began in 2007, featuring Ben Croshaw, a video game journalist and comedy writer. This guy is definitely funny, and the little animation makes it even better. This is a great game for all game fans who like comments but don’t want to be too serious. The comments are rich in content, and to be honest, I have never found any misunderstandings about the game. He even had a relatively positive attitude towards Bayonetta, which was one of my favorites, but was looked down upon at the time. In any case, if you want to be stoned and watch animation but like video games, then this is an easy choice.

Charlie Unicorn

This is another absolutely classic work, and I believe some of you are shocked by what I missed in Part 1. Charlie Unicorn is one of the most iconic comics on the Internet, and it is still frequently cited by millennials to this day. This animated animation first surfaced in 2005. It is about Charlie, a relatively grumpy unicorn, who is constantly harassed by two old-fashioned unicorns who are slightly louder and love things like rainbows and candies. Well, this is definitely what it looked like at the beginning. If you have learned anything by now, these cartoons will take you a path, then drag you down a bloody alley and beat you with a big stick. I believe many of us remember Charlie’s adventures when he was bullied to Candy Mountain. The end of this episode is a musical, Candy Mountain Cave, Charlie’s kidney is harvested. This show has only a few episodes, but it is perfect for a real nostalgic journey while enjoying another kind of travel. I re-read it for this article, and I have to say that it is absolutely tenable.

Simon’s Cat

Next, let us have something better, the 2008 Flash animation, called Simon’s Cat. The show received a lot of attention and is still very popular today. It first shows a cute animation of a cat doing cat things. The first short video is actually the cat trying to wake Simon to eat breakfast, because we know that cats like to do it at ridiculous times in the morning. But as all this shows, when the cat hits the owner with a baseball bat and then pretends to fall asleep at the end of the bed, it is a bit unexpected. It is not violent, has no bloody smell, and is not aggressive, but if you just want to watch something calm when you are excited, it is perfect. Each cartoon is only a few minutes long, and there is no dialogue or color that I like. This show is cute, fun, and suitable for cat owners.

Dragon Ball Z Abridged

I remember when I was 16 years old, my boyfriend at the time showed me all the contents of Dragon Ball Z. Later I found out that this part was for him to show me the abridged version of Dragon Ball Z. To be fair, I do remember that it is one of my favorite content to watch on the Internet. It is very suitable for watching Stoned, because it is a complete episode and very interesting. I still have countless quotes in my mind. If I meet someone who hasn’t read it, I will show them to them. Whether they have seen the original material or not. It came out in 2008 and was created by a four-star team. These guys are also the various voices of the characters. The team consists of Nick Landis, Martin Pierce Bilani and Scott Frerichs. I still think the writing is funny and the dubbing is very good. If you are or not a fan of Dragon Ball ZI, you really think you will like these two methods, especially stones. If you still have a group of teenage friends, then you have the opportunity to watch this show. This is the perfect party, truly immersed in some nostalgia.

This is all my space, and if I have missed anything that has a special impact on any of you, I apologize, but I have covered all my nostalgic foundations. Happy looking high!

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