Worth-watching online cartoons from the 2000s: Part 1

Worth-watching online cartoons from the 2000s: Part 1



This blog was inspired by my recent full display of Salad Fingers, and then a Q&A with creator David Firth. Ever since I was 15 years old sitting in the living room of the smoky parliament apartment, I have never watched that strange online cartoon again. Flash was very new at the time, the video was strange and shocking, but very exciting, because the Internet has only recently appeared. The psychedelic flash cartoons of these green old people playing puppets and collecting corpses are a fun way to socialize. At the party, we will sit for a few hours to show each other different new web comics, you better believe that a small amount of marijuana is involved. Therefore, there is a little nostalgia for all millennials to watch the best online cartoons of the 2000s at their climax. Ps When I started researching, I remembered a lot of things that I had forgotten, so let’s divide it into two parts.

Salad fingers

Okay, because of my recent viewing, I will start with Salad Fingers. Did you know that there are 11 episodes now? Of course I didn’t. As they continue, they will only become stranger and scarier, and the animation will improve wildly. If you have a deep understanding of horror types and like the best way to make your skin crawl completely, then this is the cartoon for you. This cartoon first appeared in 2007, when author, animator and character David Firth thought learning Flash animation would be fun. Like most animations of the time, the show first took off on Newgrounds, where it was largely ignored at first. Firth said that one day it was on the front page, and then it started to explode. This cartoon tells the story of an old man named Sarafinger living in an empty world whose imagination is fictitious. According to the creator, he likes to touch rusty objects, and his voice is a combination of Michael Jackson and David Firth’s grandmother. The show is psychedelic, harsh, and sometimes ugly, but it definitely looks interesting. It is definitely a polarizing cartoon that some people like and some hate it, but if you are not familiar with it, it is definitely a piece of Internet history worth exploring, especially if it’s a little underwhelming.

Alpaca with hat

This cartoon appeared in 2009 and depicts two llamas wearing hats and they start talking nonsense. Like many comics of this era, especially those posted on newgrounds, there must be some violence there. The violence in this show takes the form of Karl, a mentally ill llama who likes mass murder, mutilation and facial skin party decorations. I would definitely say that this show is not as scary as salad fingers, and may be more suitable for those who don’t want to be too intense but still like unconscious blood. The cute nature of two llamas in hats is perfectly combined with Carl’s vicious abuse. I think this is one of the most interesting web comics of the 2000s. The cartoon started as a silly little attempt at cute murders and misunderstandings, but then it actually became a complete narrative. It played 12 episodes, then there was an ending, and the whole story ended. Sit down, join the youtube playlist, and enjoy Carl and Paul’s scary and slightly sad ballads.

Asian Self-Defense Force Movie

Almost everyone knows some degree of ASDF movies. The first came out in 2008 and contains a variety of short sketches, each of which is easier to quote than the previous one. I remember many times when I spent time with my friends in college, and even in college, I was “Desmond Moon Bear, how did I get here?” and “I am Stegosaurus”. This is another personal short film that has become a complete series. There are now 13 episodes on YouTube. The show was created by Thomas Richwell and voiced by him, but he is not good at making animation. These are great for promotion because you don’t have to follow anything. This is just a bunch of lively illogical. I remember watching the first video when I was a teenager and found it very interesting. It’s also refreshing, because the atmosphere of online and Newgrounds has become a bit toxic. Everyone seems to be trying to offend or be rude to each other. A cartoon about funny sketches, some of which are a bit dark to provide some variety, but most of them are just interesting in themselves. If you prefer to laugh rather than moan, this is the webcomic for you.

Happy tree friends

Okay, I will go back to the very dark last one right away, but as one of the longest running webcomics, it is definitely worth mentioning. It started living on the Internet in 1999 and continued until 2016. This takes the cute and scary dynamics to a whole new level. This cartoon depicts a group of happy little animals living together in a cute little world. It pretends to be a saccharine children’s cartoon in the first small part of the episode, and then it changes drastically. When I say violence, I mean figurative and literal meaning. Someone basically saw “Tickle” and “Tickle” in “The Simpsons” and said let us do this, but adjusted it to 11. The show goes beyond violence and graphics, but the contrast definitely makes it an element that attracts many people. So if you want to gather some friends and watch some furry rabbits cruelly mutilated, then this is the show for you. I have to say that I think it is one of the most creative violence-based cartoons.

See you in the second part!

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