Strains of the week – November 17-24, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen, the most anticipated moment of the week has arrived. It is a precious moment for any Team Vaulter.

The family gathers in front of the computer, opening their mouths to ponder the best genetic choice the seed bank has ever selected.

Every week, our lovely employees will demonstrate their wealth of knowledge about the world of cannabis by helping to select cream from our vault.

This is why our line of the week is absolutely successful. We bring you the best at a favorable price. Hard to match, right?

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Breeders and seed types may vary depending on the week and the events that occur at the time. This means that no week will be the same as the previous week!

We will carefully select strains based on flavor, THC and CBD content, maximum size, yield, etc., and strive to satisfy all tastes.

Strain of the week

Royal Gorilla Feminised Seeds of Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Gorilla Feminized Seed Royal Queen Seed 0This strain is known for its powerful strength and amazing THC levels. Normally, this strain will reach a THC level of about 25%, so it will not be confused. Royal Gorilla was previously only available in the United States, but it is now available all over the world.

Royal Gorilla Auto Feminised Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Gorilla Car Feminized Seed Royal Queen Seed 0The breeders of Royal Queen Seeds combined the most powerful and decadent photoperiod strains in the catalog-Royal Gorilla and Royal Cookies-with ruderalis genes to create the spectacular Royal Gorilla Automatic.

Amnesia Gold Auto Feminised Seeds by Pyramid Seeds

Amnesia gold jpgUsing the outstanding Amnesia Gold, it is formed by crossing two prominent alfalfa dominant strains Lennon and Amnesia and mixing them with ruderalis, creating this superb auto-flowering cannabis strain.

Tutankhamun Feminized Seed by Pyramid Seed

Tutankhamun Pyramid Seed 0 1It has a sweet taste with a touch of exotic fruit and a strong relaxing effect. It is highly recommended for therapeutic purposes.

Brown Sugar Feminized Seeds provided by Seedsman Seeds

Brown Sugar Feminized Seed Sower 0Brown sugar is an 80% indica strain with a round, dense structure and strong lower branches. It has a short flowering time, high yield, and has a typical indica effect. It is a 3-way intersection of Black Domina x LA OG x Critical.

The Kali Bay Dream Feminization Seed in the Green Garden

Kali Bay Dream Feminization Seed jpgOur Bay 11 is indeed an amazing variety of medical marijuana, and because of its amazing ability to eliminate your discomfort, it has become a collective favorite of patients.

Holland Passion Orange Sprout Feminized Seed

Orange Bud Dutch Passion 043 0 1It looks and behaves like a skunk, and this is for good reason: Dutch Passion Orange Bud is all skunk, but with the correct genetic characteristics, it is particularly attractive in every way.

Sweet Cheese Auto Feminised Seeds by Sweet Seed

Sweet Cheese Net 0Sweet Cheese Auto is a cross between Bud Auto and an elite Sweet Cheese clone. This strain has all the amazing classic cheese aromas, but the flowering time is shorter and the yield is higher.

Amnesia Gold Feminised Seeds by Pyramid Seeds

Amnesia Gold 1 0Amnesia Gold is the beloved son of Lennon and Amnesia Haze, the two powerful Haze strains. This strain is heavily dominated by alfalfa, and the rest is 80% alfalfa to 20% indica. Combine this with a very high level of THC and you will have severe stress.

Tutankhamon Auto Feminised Seeds by Pyramid Seeds

Tutankhamun automatically blooms jpgAuto Tutankhamon is based on the specially selected AK47, and its THC level is one of the highest levels evaluated by Spanabis in 2011. The addition of ruderalis genetics makes it bloom without being stimulated by the decrease in daylight time.

Orange Bud Auto Feminised Seeds by Dutch Passion

Orange Bud Car Feminized Seeds Holland Passion 0 2The Dutch passionate master breeders responsible for some of the best modern automatic flowering genetics, such as Auto Mazar, Auto Ultimate and Auto Daiquiri Lime, have created Auto Orange Bud with great care.

Sweet Tooth Express AUTO Feminised Seeds by Phoenix Seeds

Sweets Express Car Feminized Seed Phoenix Seed 0 2The original sweets were created by combining the genes of Hawaii, Afghanistan, and Nepal. The effect is exhilarating and euphoric, which is very suitable for those who suffer from anxiety, stress and headaches.


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