Miramax sued Quentin Tarantino for the “Pulp Fiction” NFT.Tarantino on the move

Miramax sued Quentin Tarantino for the “Pulp Fiction” NFT.Tarantino on the move


This will be fun. Miramax sent Quentin Tarantino and his team a cessation and termination letter regarding the “Pulp Fiction” NFT they wish to sell. Tarantino responded that he has the right to do so and continue to promote them. Miramax filed a lawsuit.Just a month ago, the company was still Happy birthday Tarantino, Now we are here. And the show has just begun.

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On the one hand, Miramax is the production company of “Pulp Fiction” and still owns the copyright to the 1994 masterpiece. On the other hand, Tarantino reserves the right to publish the script, while the NFT is based on the historical artifact. However, Miramax believes that because NFTs are related to a single sale transaction, they are not counted as releases. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s explore this case further.

The unique characteristics of Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” NFT

When the Secret Network announced that Quentin Tarantino was the first artist they had collaborated with, our sister site Bitcoinists reacted.They report quickly Regarding the company’s “unique value proposition”, especially the “Pulp Fiction” NFT.

“The NFT version of Tarantino will be the first such version of the blockchain. Seven unique NFTs will be listed, including the original “Pulp Fiction” handwritten script and Tarantino’s own exclusive audio commentary.

Secret Network is a layer 1 privacy blockchain created by SCRT Labs. The unique value proposition of The Secret Network lies in the name; the NFT will be “secret” and can only be accessed by the NFT owner. “

It is this fact that makes litigation endless. Only the person who bought the NFT can see the content inside, so Miramax doesn’t know the type of content they are suing. They only know that they own the rights to the pictures and discarded materials, but, apart from reports and marketing materials, they know nothing about the actual content like the rest of us.

On the day of the announcement, The Secret Network rissue a statement To quote the director himself.

“I am very happy to be able to show fans these exclusive scenes from PULP FICTION.” Tarantino said. “Secret Network and Secret NFT provide a whole new world connecting fans and artists, and I am very happy to be one of them.”

Tarantino’s words hint at a simpler era. We are not far from that stage.

SCRT price chart on Binance | Source: SCRT/USD on TradingView.com

What is the content of Miramax’s lawsuit?

The 60-page suit is Already onlineThis excerpt summarizes Miramax’s position:

“The fact that Tarantino excluded Miramax was particularly problematic because he granted and transferred almost all rights (and all elements of all development and production stages) of Pulp Fiction in 1993. Lamax, including the necessary rights” he intends to sell “Pulp Fiction Secrets”. Tarantino’s limited “reserved rights” under the operating agreement are too narrow for him to unilaterally produce, market, and sell the Pulp Fiction NFT. ”

In addition, Bart Williams, Miramax’s lawyer, has been tougher in a recent statement. Variety reference:

Williams said: “This group chose to be reckless, greedy, and deliberately ignoring the agreement signed by Quentin, rather than following a clear legal and ethical approach, which is to simply communicate with Miramax about his ideas.” This one-off effort belittles the NFT’s rights to’Pulp Fiction’, and Miramax intends to maximize this right through a strategic and comprehensive approach.”

When Williams said “this group”, who was he referring to? It could be The Secret Network, he responded via Twitter. “NFT aims to empower creators and connect them directly with audiences and communities,” they said. “Some people in the media now want to take a step back. We stand with creators.”

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This is cute, but do Secret Networks and Tarantino have the legal right to sell those “Pulp Fiction” NFTs? We must check the content to be sure. This is something we cannot do. Nor does Miramax.

To end this, here is Tarantino’s first video of learning NFT:

Featured Image: Screenshot from this tweet's video | Charts by TradingView

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