Medical professional data startup H1 raises 100 million US dollars

H1 Inc., a startup that positions itself as a social network and database for healthcare professionals, raised $100 million in new financing according to a blog post from the company on Tuesday.

Altimeter Capital led the C round of financing and received additional investment from Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Flex Capital. H1 plans to use new funds to develop its existing business and expand into new markets, mainly focusing on helping Life Science Company Contact the doctor Clinical Trials To this point.

“We now have more than 100 customers, users in 84 countries, and so far, revenue growth in 2021 has exceeded 250%, and we have 400 global employees in the first half of the year,” the blog post said.

To date, H1 has created approximately 10 million healthcare provider profiles, and hopes that various companies and other users can use them to identify outstanding doctors for clinical trials or sales leads, and keep the provider directory up to date. hiring employee And more.

“We imagine a world in which obtaining correct information about doctors is as easy as finding the best restaurant in your city. We imagine this will change life science companies, insurance companies, hospitals, governments, doctors and patients The way to find the right healthcare professional,” Bowen said.

Since leaving the startup accelerator, H1 has raised approximately US$171 million Y Combiner March 2020. The company completed a US$12.9 million Series A financing in April last year, and then received another US$58 million in new venture capital in December last year.

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