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State health officials urge hunters to wear masks when dressing deer Mount Pleasant-Sturtevant Patch

The Rittenhouse jury did not rule after a full day of deliberation. Associated Press

JPMorgan Chase and Tesla compete for warrants Bloomberg. Comment:

Oh great, they are filming porn inside Tesla on Autopilot Futurism. The subscription-based funding model of Elon’s Journey to Mars. No, don’t thank me.

Vancouver is now completely isolated from the rest of Canada by road Kelowna now. Floods and mudslides.


Childish fantasies of global action on climate change Week

Vegetarian helicopter embodies aviation’s response to COP26 Bloomberg. Not the entire helicopter. “Decorations” (seat covers, etc.). Purchased by “a wealthy couple”.

#Coronavirus disease

Ethical Analysis of Vaccination against COVID-19 in Children: Benefits, Risks and Issues of Global Health Equity (Open letter) Wellcome Open Research (dd). [version 1; peer review: 1 approved, 1 approved with reservations]. From: “[W]e believes that it is unclear whether routine COVID-19 vaccination for healthy children is ethically reasonable in most cases, because the direct benefits of COVID-19 vaccination for children are minimal, and the possibility of rare risks outweighs these benefits and Weakened confidence in vaccines and a large amount of evidence that COVID-19 vaccination can provide adequate protection for risk groups (such as the elderly) without the need to vaccinate children. We conclude that it is morally unacceptable for children in wealthy communities to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before adults in poor communities around the world, and consider how policy deliberation might evolve based on future developments. “

* * *

Use of blood donor antibody screening during the Danish COVID-19 epidemic to estimate SARS-CoV-2 infection mortality by age and comorbidity status Journal of Infectious Diseases. n = 84,944. From the abstract: “In this national study, [Infection Fatality Rate (IFR)] Among people under 51 who have no comorbidities, this proportion is very low. “Of course, in the United States, the political economy seems to be almost designed to produce complications, effectively, in Great numbers.

Mortality risk in patients using COVID-19 prescription selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressants Magazine. n = 3401. From the key point: “These research results indicate that the use of SSRIs may reduce the mortality of COVID-19 patients, although they may be affected by unexplainable confounding variables; further investigation through large randomized clinical trials is required.” Fluoride Hydrochloride Xetine and fluvoxamine maleate.What’s interesting is which repurposed drugs get respect Which ones don’t.

* * *

Pfizer allows more countries to produce COVID drugs and apply for EUA to FDA Infectious Disease Research and Policy Center. Parkslowed. “Peace and love’….

The Biden government plans to buy enough Pfizer anti-coronavirus drugs to treat 10 million people National Broadcasting Corporation. I think EUA is just a form.

* * *

U.S. and British media mocks New Zealand’s incredible success in responding to COVID-19 Fair

Four years ago, NEJM helped create the opioid crisis.Now after ivermectin. Michael Capzo, rescue. Pay attention to the observational research in the letter.


Xi Biden Summit: The United States and China emphasize the need for Taiwan to maintain the status quo South China Morning Post and Biden and Xi paused their first face-to-face tense Foreign policy. “Summit” is the framework of the Post.

Xi Biden’s agreement on nuclear negotiations highlights the challenges of reaching an agreement Financial Times

At the Biden-Xi meeting, China hangs a big carrot in front of American companies wealth

Biden-Xi talks; full text of historical resolutions Chineseism

* * *

China’s tough measures bring daily new coronavirus cases back to single digits Bloomberg

Selling China’s Story: How the Chinese Government Privatized Facebook Propaganda Chinanews

China: What happened in 1870? Or, why is the twentieth century not the Chinese century? (Draft book chapter) J. Bradford DeLong. In iCloud. Better than Google Docs, I think…

Australia’s war propaganda is getting crazy Caitlin Johnstone


Myanmar says Covid-19 and internal conflict are weakening and hopes to reopen the border The Straits Times. Let me know how it turns out.

Myanmar coup leaders meet with senior officials from China, Japan and Thailand The Irrawaddy. Comment:

The Myanmar military government accused Aung San Suu Kyi of fraud during the 2020 polls Channel News Asia

Vietnam bid to promote regional battery storage revolution Earth_

‘Fourth wave’ | pandemic in Vietnam Coracle, Vietnam


Learn from the best in India’s COVID-19 fight Hindus

Will India’s digital advancement in agriculture help farmers or help exploit them? Roll in


“Hell on earth”: The United States and the West freeze billions of government funds, and millions of Afghans face hunger Democracy now! (GF).

The United States sets the rules, and the Syrian massacre is no exception Responsible country strategy


Poland uses water cannons against migrants at the Belarusian border ABC

Zemo effect LRB and Immigration from a foreign country Rural area

New cold war

Russia denies allegations that weapons tests endangered astronauts on the International Space Station Associated Press. There are two Russian astronauts on the International Space Station…

How Putin countered the West National interest

Biden Administration

The White House submits to the Senate the Kigali amendment on climate warming gas Reuters. Hydrofluorocarbon.

supply chain

The Port of Los Angeles faces threats of penalties and the container deadlock has eased Bloomberg and As ocean liners add “sweepers” to clear the backlog, empty containers are piled up in the Port of Los Angeles Reuters

WTO says commodity trade has slowed due to supply problems and cooling demand Ocean

case Joffrey Epstein

Top Barclays investors warn on Jes Staley’s exit clause The Financial Times previously in our program: “Jes Staley and Epstein exchanged 1,200 emails containing unexplainable phrases. “Well, at least Staley is not a lizard.

Empire Folding Watch

Shadow war Patrick Lawrence, Consortium News

Class struggle

Map the United City of America (Video) Grassroots economic organizations

* * *

Kroger workers in Houston voted again to strike due to wage and healthcare issues Houston Chronicle. feud.

University of California lecturers will strike on Wednesday to stop teaching thousands of students Kalmats

U.S. school bus drivers strike nationwide due to low wages and Covid risks guardian

The wave of strikes by North Carolina school workers spreads-After $15 an hour, Pittsburgh workers still go out-Kellogg wants to hire workers Payday report

North Fork Vineyard Workers became the first farm workers union in the state, making history Heyuan local

More than 100 Activision Blizzard employees went on strike, demanding CEO step down Wabo. strangeness. There is no hash mark #MeToo.

A new mineral Davymite was discovered in diamonds from the mantle New scientist.And got the name [wait for it] Dave Mao.

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