How to use encryption to sell items? Ethair Market provides users with Ebay/Etsy alternatives – Sponsored Bitcoin News

How to use encryption to sell items? Ethair Market provides users with Ebay/Etsy alternatives – Sponsored Bitcoin News



Beta Ether market The site was launched on Monday, November 8, allowing sellers to list their products in advance and familiarize buyers with the site before the products are fully released. Ethair has no listing fees and is currently available in the United States and Canada, and will soon expand to other continents.

In order to attract sellers, Ethair is currently running deliver The top 1,000 sellers register and list their products on the platform. Out of 1000 entries, 10 sellers will be randomly selected, each won 500 US dollars, and their products will be displayed in the “Featured List” carousel on the homepage. The gift is valid until January 31, 2022.

What is special about Ethair?

Ethair Market focuses on improving users’ e-commerce experience. The platform itself supports transactions using cryptocurrencies and traditional legal currencies. Combining low fees, no plug-in costs, and plans for future encryption additions, the platform is striving to stand out from the competition. Ethair provides two different types of lists: market What are the new fixed price items, and “Buy bid“(Called BOB on the platform), which includes new and second-hand auction items that customers can directly buy, quote, or bid in the same way as traditional auctions. These lists provide buyers and sellers with maximum flexibility.

How to use encryption to sell items? Ethair Market provides users with Ebay/Etsy alternatives

Ethair’s motto is: You sell, you choose.

Another function of Ethair is to provide secure escrow accounts for lists that accept encryption. It makes the transaction process between buyers and sellers easier. The funds will remain in escrow until the project is received. If the buyer is satisfied with their purchase, they will release the funds to the seller.

The benefits of this market don’t stop there. For each “final value fee”, Ethair will provide sellers and buyers with points. These points can be used by buyers and sellers in a variety of ways, from subsidizing the cost of purchasing goods to providing additional points in the list to motivate buyers.Users can exchange, or mint coins, Their Ethair points ETHR token. This is a smart contract token based on Ethereum, which will bring more benefits to holders. These benefits include reduced costs when buying advertising spaces for product listings on the website, and no transaction fees when using tokens to purchase products. In addition, users who hold tokens on the Ethair market will have governance rights and can vote on certain important matters related to the utility and distribution of tokens. The first vote takes place in the first week of the beta, which ends on November 15, 2021. Token holders voted to list ETHR on the exchange, details will be provided soon.

Supported cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrencies currently supported by Ethair are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, USDC and Ethair’s ETHR Token. The list includes early blockchains and trending coins like Dogecoin. The remaining two are the only tokens. USDC provides a U.S. dollar-like cryptocurrency experience and ETHR tokens that provide platform-specific advantages.

How to use encryption to sell items? Ethair Market provides users with Ebay/Etsy alternatives

Company goals and expansion

Ethair’s goal is to become the first choice for a more customer-friendly platform. It aims to improve the services the market can provide to its users. The website strives to operate as a market, and its main goal is to support its sellers and their businesses. Through Stripe payment integration, Ethair is already seeking to expand to 45 countries while complying with local laws and regulations.

A major development underway is the implementation of the NFT market. Ethair hopes that the way to solve NFT is a hybrid method of on-chain and off-chain states, allowing cross-chain, no-fee and instant transactions, and at the same time bringing technology closer to the public through unique use cases.

Another long-term goal is to expand to warehouses in order to provide users with more convenience. Ethair aims to lead the future of the digital market and consolidate itself on the current platform as a household name.


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