Florida woman suing Ivermectin dies of coronavirus

A teacher in Florida who was hospitalized due to COVID-19 died after her husband sued the doctor and failed to force her to treat her with ivermectin, a type of ivermectin that is very popular among people who were skeptical of receiving coronavirus treatment. The drug is welcome, despite the lack of research to prove its effectiveness.

Ryan Droke told the Palm Beach Post that Tamara Droke died on Friday after being admitted to the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center for 12 weeks.

He sued the hospital last month, trying to ask doctors to use ivermectin, a drug used to treat diseases caused by parasites. The US Food and Drug Administration has not approved the drug to treat COVID-19, saying that it has not been proven effective in preclinical trials.

Palm Beach County Circuit Judge James Nutt dismissed Droke’s lawsuit last month, saying that allowing the judge to revoke the doctor’s decision could set a dangerous precedent.

He urged Drocks and the hospital to try to reach an agreement on their own. According to the report, the deal broke down after a doctor agreed to take ivermectin at a dose that the family’s lawyer said was too low.

The paper reported that Tenet Healthcare, which owns the hospital, did not respond to messages seeking comment.

Ryan Drock was also infected but has recovered from COVID. He told the Washington Post that he did not give up.

Droke said: “I want them to name a law after her so that no one has to go through it.” “If she walks out of the hospital, she can take the medicine.”

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