Adventist, Memorial Sloan Kettering said VisitPay transactions are not equivalent to outsourcing

Adventist Health and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center said that their recent revenue cycle deal with R1 RCM’s VisitPay will not include outsourcing employees to suppliers, at least not immediately.

After signing the contract with R1, health systems such as Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City and Ascension in St. Louis outsource part or all of the revenue cycle work to save money.But R1’s newest customers said that when they signed a contract with VisitPay, this was not what they intended. R1’s Recently acquired A company specializing in patient reception, registration and billing technology.

“Relabeling” usually means that the supplier’s employees and system employees work side by side in the same hospital.practice May have an impact on company culture And make workers feel frustrated.

Adventist Health currently has no plans to outsource employees under a five-year contract with VisitPay, but the agreement does not preclude this from happening in the future, said Jason Wells, the system’s chief strategy officer in Roseville, California.

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“This is not something we haven’t done before,” Wells said. “We are very satisfied with anything meaningful to achieve maximum efficiency, so we can continue to provide patients with the greatest experience.

VisitPay declined to comment for this article. R1 did not respond to a request for comment.

Adventist Health has one History of outsourced employees To its revenue cycle partners. Although the health system provided a specific number of outsourced positions, this number was later retracted and no revised figures were provided.

Wells said that when the health system outsources employees, they are “still part of the Adventist family of health.” “The relabeling is done behind the scenes,” he said. “They are still wearing clothes with the Adventist Health logo. They are still coming to our Christmas party.”

Spokesperson Courtney Nowak wrote in an email that the collaboration between the New York-based Sloan Kettering Memorial Center and VisitPay involves the use of the company’s patient payment solution to electronically send hospital bills and allow patients to pay online. “We are basically adopting this technology-nothing can be outsourced,” she wrote.

Wells said that Adventist Health chose VisitPay to create a less chaotic experience for patients. He said the system does not want patients to download seven different applications to get care.

Wells said: “Our dream is to provide customers with a seamless experience from the first interaction on the website, because they booked their first visit with a primary care provider at the end of the journey,” Wei “So patients won’t feel like they are jumping between partners throughout the journey,” says Lehrs.

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