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On Monday, sports and entertainment collectibles giant Topps announced the launch of a non-fungible token (NFT) based on the company’s classic sci-fi-themed trading card series Mars Attacks. The limited edition NFT series will be hosted on the NFT platform Curio and will “mark the introduction of Mars Attacks into the blockchain”.

Topps launches an NFT dedicated to the Martian attack on the popular collectible trading card series in 1962

With the influx of NFTs, Topps released, such as digital MLB trading card, Trash can kid Collectibles, Godzilla vs. Kong blockchain assets and Bundesliga NFT, the company announced the first batch of Mars Attacks NFT collections. Mars Attacks is a series of sci-fi themed trading cards published by Topps in 1962. These cards were drawn by Norman Saunders and Wally Wood. They basically tell a story about the Martian invasion of Earth, but the aliens are also ruled by a tyrannical government.

Topps releases NFT with sci-fi theme collection card series Mars attack
The original Mars Attack trading card published by Tops in 1962.

These cards were very popular during the Cold War. According to statistics, some of the cards were sold at auction for approximately US$3,500. statisticsThe card series released by Tops is well-known in American culture and inspired Tim Burton’s film called “Attack on Mars!” year 1996.Now Topps announced that the first Mars Attacks NFT has been launched through the NFT market platform antique.

“Topps is very pleased to work with Curio to bring the Mars attack world into the NFT,” Tobin Lent, vice president and global general manager of Topps Digital Sports and Entertainment, said in a statement sent to News. “The new series brings excitement to passionate fans of the sci-fi trading card series by respecting its tradition. As we explore and innovate in this exciting new field, Topps remains committed to working with a series of partners.”

500 complete sets of Mars attack NFTs — Topps NFT is in trouble in the competition of many competitors

According to Mars Attacks NFT’s announcement, NFT will be sold in packs, each pack has different odds and some rarity. There will be 564 “yellow” packages, each of 11 cards priced at $49, 500 “red” packages, each of 25 cards priced at $99, and 150 “green” packages, providing owners with a full set of 55 A pack of 199 dollars per card.

Topps releases NFT with sci-fi theme collection card series Mars attack
Mars attacks the NFT package.

Some cards will have redemption vouchers, which can give away animation, gold, X-ray and static reward cards. The entire Mars Attacks NFT series has a total of 27,510 cards, which is equivalent to about 500 full sets and 10 redemption vouchers.

At the same time, Topps is in fierce competition from other NFT collectibles companies, such as Best shot in the NBA, Weave, with sign. Weiwei recently cooperating NFTs were released in collaboration with Disney and two companies, including Disney’s popular “Frozen” character Elsa, Pixar’s Wall-E, Fox Entertainment’s Simpsons and Star Wars digital collections.

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