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Watch: A pair of bald eagles entangled in the streets of Minnesota Boing Boing (resilc)

The story of a whale trying to bridge the language gap between animals and humans Smithsonian (Chuck L)

Scientists use artificial intelligence to track spiders building webs in the dark in unprecedented detail Science Alert (David L)

Try, try again, try again: Why does it take so long for modern humans to settle in Europe? The Guardian (Kevin W)

The Science Museum wants their plastic samples.They refuse Wired (David L)

Can feminist robots challenge our prejudices? IEEE Spectrum (Chuck L)

Early history of human excrement JSTOR (Micael T)

This is some good stuff Nautilus (Micael T)

Is it time to stop demonizing dairy products? For many years, we have been warned that the fat in cheese and milk is harmful to our health.However, new research shows that dairy products may actually be good for us…and even help prevent disease Daily mail. My mother, who is about to 94 years old, thinks butter is a food group…

#Coronavirus disease

Coronavirus pandemic: the key to solving social problems or the catalyst? Valday Discussion Club (Micael T)


Is vaccine efficacy a statistical illusion? Probability and Law (Chuck L)

Neurodevelopmental outcome of infants exposed to maternal SARS-CoV-2 infection secondary to in utero: a national prospective study in Kuwait MedRxIV. Preprint. N=298

Long Covid: New wine needs a new bottle BMJ (Basil pesto sauce)

The impact of public health intervention in Nordic countries in the first year of SARS-CoV-2 transmission and evolution European Surveillance (Micael T)

Plexiglass barrier problem Macleans (Basil Pesto)

More than 10,000 Australians have filed coronavirus vaccine injury claims Sydney Morning Herald

COVID-19 forecast during the holidays and beyond C-SPAN (Kevin W)


Germany plans to curb unvaccinated Europe and its peak Bloomberg


What prevents so many parents from vaccinating their children against COVID? Slate (Kevin W)

COP26/climate change

COP26: China defends its decision to join India to phase out rather than phase out coal Reel (J-LS)

There is almost no cloud in the sky, Portland, Maine is flooding PBS (David L) 🙁

The Supreme Court of India orders “Work from Home” to solve the pollution problem in the capital Wire (J-LS)

This Colorado “solar garden” is actually a farm under solar panels MPR News (Chuck L)


China’s exhausted tech workers are struggling with long hours of work MIT Technology Review (Kevin W). Workers from all over the world, unite! Or at least rebel at the same time.

Biden’s China policy is still difficult to determine Asia Times (Kevin W)

Xi Jinping’s New Communist Manifesto Asia Times (resilc)

Canadian city evacuated due to sewer failure due to flooding broadcast. Kevin W: “EEwww!” Moi: Related to the series of disastrous stories above?

Jair Bolsonaro, guns and violence in Brazil British Broadcasting Corporation

New cold war

Germany suspends certification of Beixi No. 2 pipeline Financial Times. Great reversal. What sexual favors were exchanged for this to happen?

The tripartite world order and the mixed world war Dmitry Orlov, The Hunter (Kevin W)

Neural warfare on the European border may heat up Bloomberg

The willing EU war alliance (II) German Foreign Policy (Micael T). Didn’t they get a memo on the operation of the notorious “voluntary alliance”?


Nasrallah: Israel is in a deep existential crisis, and Yemen’s victory will have a huge impact on the region Orion. Chuck L: “Excerpt from a speech by Hezbollah leader Said Hassan Nasrallah on November 11, 2021.”


Gasoline prices are soaring. Can Biden really do anything? NPR (Kevin W)

This is how you know the White House is worried about Kamala Harris CNN (J-LS)

Biden and Harris walked out of the White House together and embraced after claiming discord Daily Mail (J-LS). Believe me, this is worse than a confident ritual expression when an official is headed against the wind. The only difference here is that Camara cannot be expelled.

As Biden’s 1T dollar agenda turns to him, Buttigieg’s star rises Associated Press. Resilc: “If they think he can be elected, these lunatics are dreaming.”

The only thing about Kamala Harris that deserves to be praised is that Porter became a California foreclosure settlement supervisor, thus providing her with a national image:

Incompetent Democrat

Not just white people: the Democratic Party is losing normal voters of all races Ryan Grim, intercept

The Democrats are providing another political bailout for the Republicans David Sirota

“I’m glad you finally got out of the closet”: Texas Rep. Ryan Guillen’s governor Abbott changes party KXAN (Kevin W)

Elon Musk’s tax on Bernie Sanders: “I keep forgetting that you are still alive” The Guardian (Kevin W)

supply chain

MarineTraffic: Global Ship Tracking Intelligence AIS maritime traffic. Resilc: “There is no blockage, please refer to Savannah GA.”


Who bought guns during the 2020 procurement surge? PhysOrg (Dr. Kevin)

People who buy guns during the surge in purchases are more likely to have suicidal thoughts MedicalXpress (Dr. Kevin)

Police national watch

Police investigating the bizarre “files” on the head of the school board about parents RT (Kevin W)

Our famous free media

Disclosure: Documents show that Bill Gates has provided US$319 million to the media Mint Press (Micael T). Quill surprise!

“The unknown is terrible”: Why are young women on social media developing Tourette-like tics guardian. Resilc: “Start the smartphone AA program as soon as possible.” Moi: Of course, all the evidence shows that Facebook deliberately manipulated user emotions, began to create anxiety, and was indifferent to depression. Now we have evidence of actual harm. The ambulance chaser dials the concierge number…


The largest U.S. pension fund bought Palantir, Snowflake and Berkshire Hathaway stocks Barrons (Kevin W)

Retirement fund giant Calpers voted to use leverage, more alternative assets Wall Street Journal (Joseph R)

The largest Catholic hospital system in the United States as a part-time private equity firm state. Kill me now. My mother stayed at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Ascension Hospital for more than a week. the worst. When she came back, she was covered with scars, the nurses and doctors lied about her condition (we watched her through reports from heavy assistants almost all day), the nurses did not answer the phone, and they were not busy (always have Several nurses wandered around the station doing nails or playing with mobile phones).

Shell plans to move its headquarters to the UK BBC (Kevin W)

Class struggle

The victim claimed that Amazon was responsible for the crash because the software “micro-managed” the delivery driver Art technology

Amazon’s Spinmasters: Behind the struggle between Internet giants and the media Information (resilc)

Would you like to manage 70 children and a 15-ton car at the price of $18 an hour? FiveThirtyEight (resilc)

How to Pass the Weed Drug Test: Cannabis Test Tips vice. For truck drivers…

Wall Street bankers and traders will receive the biggest bonus since the Great Recession NBC Finance Channel

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Healthy and longevity, prosperity!

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