Ethereum L2 protocol Connext integrated smart contract platform Moonriver »CryptoNinjas

Ethereum L2 protocol Connext integrated smart contract platform Moonriver »CryptoNinjas



Connext is a layer 2 protocol based on Ethereum that supports value transfer and invocation contracts across the Ethereum compatible chain and L2. It was announced today that it will integrate Moonriver, Smart contract platform compatible with Ethereum In Kusama, enter its L2 interoperability agreement.

Moonriver is a parachain on Kusama that can easily develop local interoperable applications. Just like its sister network, moonlight, Moonriver smart contract platform features have Ethereum compatibility beyond basic EVM support, simplifying the process of building applications on Kusama.

By supporting Moonriver, users will be able to transfer assets directly from other L2 and sidechain systems to Moonriver without introducing any new trust assumptions.

“In the ever-growing multi-chain environment, asset movement and interoperability face continuous challenges. Moonriver has proven to be the most active parachain in Kusama, with more than 8 million transactions currently. The integration of Connext and Moonriver will be as easy as possible Speed ??up the asset transfer process. Moonriver users will have more routes to traverse between chains and interact with assets where and how they want.”
– Connext team

Users can now go to And use the available supporting assets (USDT/USDC/DAI/ETH) to start the cross-chain transfer with Moonriver.


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