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The number of U.S. departures in September hit a record highThe US Department of Labor said on Friday that more than 4.4 million workers voluntarily resigned in September. This is an increase from the 4.3 million in August and the highest level tracked by the government in two decades. In the leisure and hotel industry alone, nearly 1 million people quit their jobs. (now) But watch “Big resignation” does not happen equally in all places. The exit rate of professional and business services is not much higher than before. It’s easy to exaggerate this story throughout the economy (@BrewersStats)

$100 funding after seed round We have seen many seed rounds completed around $100 after the investment. For several reasons, this worries me; Taking these assumptions into consideration, a seed fund of $100 will carry out all operations at a price of $100 after investment. Investment will hardly return the fund. This figure is the total amount, before cost and carry. (Stroke)

Inflation bets to boost small-cap stocks Investors seeking to avoid price increases say that smaller companies can respond to inflationary pressures faster than larger companies. (Wall Street Journal) You can also take a look A $1 trillion check and 5% inflation. worth! At the beginning of 2021, economists debated about $1,400 in stimulus checks. Americans got them, but they also got higher inflation. Nonetheless, checks are still a very good policy. (Home Macro)

Four things that keep you away from the stock market If everything in the grocery store is sold at a 30% discount, you won’t turn around and say “I don’t believe this, I will come back when the price is much higher.” People will think you are crazy. So why is it all about our money? If you really want to use your money for work, use it when unemployment is high. (Wealth found me)

It must be somewhere in the world’s cryptocurrency capital. Why not Ukraine? This freewheeling spirit has plagued Ukraine for many years, and now the government hopes to bury it with the help of cryptocurrency. In early September, the parliament here passed a law to legalize and supervise Bitcoin. This is the first step in an ambitious campaign to both mainstream and reshape the country’s booming cryptocurrency trade. Brands across the country. (New York Times) But see also In the cult of cryptocurrency “If you watch’What is Bitcoin’ on the Internet, you will see a large amount of literature and decontextualized media clips, depicting beautiful pictures of upcoming success and domination, which are definitely waiting for us. However, If you look at Bitcoin from the outside of the screen, you will see a decline in merchant acceptance, zero evidence of blockchain deployment or efficiency, and mostly just a lot of promotional activities that can cure any of your diseases.” (Financial Times)

How the U.S. pandemic economic response to the last war The focus on the challenges of the Great Recession has exacerbated some of the challenges of this crisis. (result)

Will child vaccines curb the pandemic? Browse the study’s perspective on the spread of the virus among vaccinators. (slate) You can also take a look FDA severely underestimated the benefits of COVID vaccine for children Yes, even if you end up with COVID-19, they will reduce the severity of COVID-19 cases, which is great. But they also have an impact on the population level. (slate)

Discover new minerals in deep diamonds This amazing discovery has never appeared in nature before, and it reveals the secrets of the mantle (Scientific american)

Vizio monitors people who buy TV and makes more money than monitors the TV itself We have learned time and time again that companies will monitor you when it suits them, even companies that hype that they don’t need to monitor you to make money. If a company has power because of lock-in, if the company can make money by abusing you, then it will abuse you. (Multiple) You can also take a look Surveillance Capitalism: You are the subject of a secret extraction operation By applying the logic of surveillance capitalism (an economic system based on the secret extraction and manipulation of human data) to its vision of connecting the entire world, Facebook reached a trillion-dollar status within a decade. Facebook now controls the flow of information and communication infrastructure around the world. (New York Times)

We compared the “Taylor Version” song with the original Taylor Swift album The same song. The same artist. Two different copyright holders. Can you hear the difference? (Wall Street Journal)

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