Kaufman Hall acquires healthcare real estate company

Kaufman Hall acquires healthcare real estate company



Kaufman Hall, a healthcare consulting firm, said on Monday that it purchased healthcare real estate capital, a national consulting firm focused on the healthcare real estate market.

Kaufman Hall announced get On Monday, this will enable Kaufman Hall to advise on the medical system struggling in the properties it owns, leases and operates.

As a market Continue to evolveRobert Turner, managing director of Kaufman Hall, said these changes will affect how facilities finance, develop and manage real estate assets.

“As an integral part of the broader real estate industry, healthcare real estate is a relatively stable and attractive opportunity for real estate investors, so it has become a popular place to deploy capital,” Turner said. “An independent strategic consultant with in-depth knowledge of the industry is essential.”

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He said that as healthcare clients continue to face basic capital expenditure requirements and other expenses, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, people are increasingly frustrated that funds are used more than financial sources.

so, Kaufman Hall It is planned to cooperate with HRE Capital to analyze the company’s real estate investment portfolio and find ways to match the source of funds with various uses.

Founded in 2007, HRE Capital provides consulting and transaction advisory services to owners and operators of healthcare real estate, including for-profit and non-profit health systems, universities and academic institutions, doctors’ clinics, developers and institutional investors.

In terms of real estate, healthcare has traditionally been an asset-heavy business, although the industry is shifting Value-based care Joe Lupica, chairman of Newpoint Healthcare, said that choice and outpatient rather than inpatient services are creating a lighter asset movement.

He said that real estate companies can help the healthcare system improve the efficiency of the assets and resources they decide to retain.

“Dealing with these large real estate portfolios is not just an investment issue, but a matter of managing balance sheet and capital structure weights,” Lupica said.

E. Hunter Beebe, founder and head of management of HRE Capital, said in a press release that these consulting firms look forward to combining HRE Capital’s transaction-driven capital market business model with Kaufman Hall’s platform.

“Kaufman Hall’s depth of resources, unparalleled customer relationships, and complementary but unique products provide us with unique opportunities to leverage our experience, relationships and methods,” Beebe said.

Kaufman Hall CEO R. Wesley Champion stated in a press release that since real estate is an important and valuable asset of the healthcare industry, clients need independent strategic advice to guide their operational and financial decisions.

“Kaufman Hall and HRE Capital will work together to provide a wider range of institutions with the rigorous analysis, unwavering advocacy and outstanding services that our clients rely on, and will help the top management in the healthcare sector… to release this key financial asset Value,” the champion said.


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