How dissatisfied is the patient with the information from the provider and payer? Pega’s survey shows that this is not good – Healthcare Blog

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Is this a big surprise? Even during Covid, Pega’s annual 2,000 patient participation survey showed that 63% of patients were dissatisfied with the communication they received from payers and providers. This begs the question…how bad was it before? (Answer: 86% are unhappy-oops!)

Kelli Bravo, Pega’s vice president of healthcare and life sciences, has been conducting the survey for three years. She counts and participates in sharing the highlights of the survey results (if we can really call them) and young health tech startups that she thinks are enterprising How the company can take advantage of opportunities for help.

For those who are trying to talk to patients-this is all of us-let us see it as a wake-up call. Let’s stop talking about “healthcare” and start using language that everyone can understand to understand their care, costs, and the true meaning of all options. Pega is trying to play its part in this sector, and we have received a fair update on how they are helping to make healthcare more like retail. The rise of healthcare consumers is real. Now, there is new data to support requirements regarding the way they want to talk and communicate with others.

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