FirstFT: The Dutch government scrambles to keep Shell in the Netherlands

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The Dutch government launched a Eleven hours of trial By seeking to abolish the controversial dividend tax cited by the energy group, Shell remains in the Netherlands as a reason to unify its shareholding structure and move its headquarters to the United Kingdom.

Dutch government officials told the Financial Times that the caretaker government of Mark Rutte is seeking to obtain a majority in parliament at the last minute to eliminate the 15% withholding tax, which has long been Shell and other Anglo-Dutch transnational The source of the company’s complaint. Unilever.

In Shell’s announcement that it will end its dual shareholding structure and Transfer the entire tax base To the UK. The Dutch government stated that the announcement was an “unpleasant surprise” and is now working hard to prevent Shell from leaving.

Earlier this year, Shell CEO Ben van Beurden cited the Netherlands’ failure to eliminate dividend taxes as a potential reason for leaving the country. Since there is no withholding tax on dividends, the UK is an exception in most European countries.

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Coronavirus Digest

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  • Japan’s economy Shrinking sharply In the third quarter, the global supply chain disruption and the resurgence of Covid-19 cases restrained spending.

  • JP Morgan Chase Jamie Dimon Become the first boss of a major Wall Street investment bank Visit Hong Kong or Mainland China Since the beginning of the epidemic.

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U.S. trade officials continue their trip to Asia After meeting with officials in Tokyo yesterday, U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai (Katherine Tai) will Continue to South Korea and India Minister of Commerce Gina Raimundo will travel to Singapore and Malaysia. (politics)

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©James Ferguson

©James Ferguson

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