Naked capitalism: personal legacy

Author: ChiGal, a regular reader, now a commentator

I don’t know how many other members of the critics were turned to naked capitalism by their 80-year-old mother, but I was around 2010, and soon I shared posts with everyone I know, friends, and friends. At that time, I was working as a hospice social worker in an inpatient department. At that time (and of course in 2016), there were many conversations about ACA and universal health insurance. I’m pretty sure I met PNHP, Wendell Potter and Health Care Renewal through naked capitalism. Links and comments about health care are closely related to all of our lives, and Naked Capitalism is where they are found.So please help support naked capitalism Via donation page.

As an ordinary “lurker”, it took me several years to summon the courage, but whether I have time to participate or not, the ongoing discussions at Naked Capitalism are an absolute lifeline for me. My mother passed away last year at the age of 90. I can count the people I can talk to with one hand. They are not fooled by the steady MSM pablum diet (“comfortably numb”). The comments provide me with a real The thing I miss about her that no one else I know has is the ability to put things in context, thanks to her retaining the history, philosophy, and economics she learned in school long ago.

The erudition and links provided by comment members on regular posts are simply shocking. I start my day with Naked Capitalism every day. With the outstanding innovation of Water Cooler a few years ago, I will check back later. I am very grateful to Lambert for planning the spirit of the times. His boring wit and inherent suspicion concealed his deep compassion and sense of justice.

Many people in the comments have deep knowledge—book learning and real-world experience—which, frankly, discourages me, but naked capitalism welcomes everyone, regardless of their contribution. Even if I go against the norm, as long as I express myself without logical fallacies and uncivilizedness, I will feel that my voice has been heard.

Well, it’s actually not their contribution. The suspension of comments last year was really hurtful-ouch! – Who knew that January 6th would happen at that time? It was too bad not to keep in touch with the naked capitalist community at the time. I don’t think it’s not too much to say that many of us quit despite the necessity (hint: The tip jar is calling…).

Therefore, in addition to depth and breadth, the encouragement of critical thinking, Yves’s iron hand in carrying out sincere arguments, and tolerance of a wide range of opinions, naked capitalism also provides a sense of community, a sense of unity in the face of collective insanity. For example: Without an open thread hosted by Lambert, I would never have the heart to watch TV “debates”. Knowing that other people see and hear things that are obviously there, but somehow never rotate, this is the basis.

Another thing Naked Capitalism excels at is exploring the disturbing racial issues. Before PMC’s current depreciation of critical racial theory as a weapon, there were many profound exchanges: Albion’s Seed It was a revelation, just like Adolf Reid, black socialists and many others who really moved my mind. In addition to growth, what else can you ask for?This may be the best return on investment ever, and I know I will try my bestEncourage others to do the same.

One final point about naked capitalism: This is a sympathetic place, and I think it’s thanks to Yves. Although she has never experienced a fool and she does not hesitate to provide criticism when she thinks it is necessary, by sharing her own personal trials and tribulations, she has created an environment where others feel that they can do the same thing, and many It is a response of sharing and understanding and encouragement. Thank you Yves, Lambert, Jerri-Lynn, Nick, Jules and everyone else for proving that there is still a trace of humanity in this land.

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