Long live!Achieve our fifth goal and achieve the sixth goal: expand our scope of influence

Long live!Achieve our fifth goal and achieve the sixth goal: expand our scope of influence



If you don’t need to be persuaded but just don’t have time, please visit our fundraising page directly Cut in!

Thanks to your generosity and prompt response, we have achieved our first five goals: to fund basic technical channels, and to provide bonuses to our loyal guest writers (with their expertise, dedication and outstanding work ability, Should be paid higher than the meager standard writer’s salary), increase staffing to provide continuously expanding links; support the comment area; and provide staffing to provide our 24/7 coverage without really draining you Energy. Let me emphasize again: Your donation has made and will continue to make all these key projects possible. Of the 1,138 donors, we exceeded our original goal of 1,100 donors for this fundraising event. Therefore, we raised the donation target to 1350!

As this fundraising activity is progressing smoothly, we will include the funding target for expanding the scope of influence. In this hostile environment for small independent websites, we need to spend more time than introducing new readers.

Although many independent websites like The Intercept, Truthdig, and Counterpunch are downgraded in Google, our traffic remains stable and we face the prospect of public censorship and de-platformation, because many studies and real-world evidence are lacking Does not support strong claims about vaccines.

While the good news is that we hold our ground, the bad news is that although our content gets better over time (and we think it’s more relevant), we’re working harder than ever, just to keep it as it is.

Therefore, regardless of whether you can provide financial support for this fundraising event, spreading information about “naked capitalism” is absolutely necessary for us to continue to flourish. Encouraging people who may like our work to understand that naked capitalism is crucial (like cParticipate through our fundraising page If you don’t have time to do so).

Readers keep sending us thank-you letters and their donations. For example, from peon:

NC is my most trusted news source. In an era when most news has an agenda, NC is priceless. Please accept my sincere thanks to the NC staff for their work.

And Ed M:

Your blog has completely changed my view of the world. I now see that those who follow Fox/CNN/MSNBC are part of their own chaos. Since I retired, Fox’s chaos has been the most obvious, and most people know older, usually very conservative people. MSM silos and chaos are perfect because outside of their personal life experience, people are like parrots when discussing issues. Admittedly, parrots are always noisy, so this is an extension-until people start talking about important issues.

It seems that no one can remember history. “People have memories of fruit flies”-Lambert

So what might help increase visibility? The first idea was to ask Yves to accept some of her requests for interviews on the podcast, even for allies like John Donlan from Radio War Nerd, she couldn’t accept them.

We hope we have time to do our own podcasting, but doing anything other than what we do now will bring more complexity (for example, podcasting requires not only specialized equipment, but also sound editing, so more People means more people and tasks to be supervised. These tasks fall on Yves’s desk and take up time for writing written content).

But we cannot guarantee that even if we seize all the high-quality interview opportunities on the beam, they will appear regularly, enough to increase our visibility.

The second idea is to do more book reviews. They also take more time than ordinary posts and therefore require more website resources, but help to create more visibility among other writers, and then they may refer to or link to naked capitalism more frequently. Please note that we do not mean to please, it is a very non-CNC thing. Sharp negative comments about a well-deserved goal usually attract like-minded professional writers, even if the goal is angry.

Of course, our ordinary readers also enjoy a more diverse post-production diet.

Finally, Yves can also resume the proposal to write for New York Magazine regularly, twice a month.

Given the growing hostility of search engines and social media to independent news sites, we believe this is an important defensive measure.

In addition, those who encourage people you know to read the site may find the introduction to the New York magazine article before visiting the site to counter the subconscious “what, blog?” skepticism.

As you might realize, a magazine article takes more time to produce than a similar length post from Naked Capitalism, because both require changing my voice for different audiences, recording sources for fact-checking police, and And edit. Compensation is not enough to make up. I need Lambert and Jerry Lynn reports to make up for this.

We have set a goal of US$9,500 for this goal, and we have already paid US$4,615 for this goal. Please note that compared with other goals, we have kept this goal moderate.

If we end up not using all the funds in the target to help with various external visibility work, they will support more original reports.So please help us become bigger and worse Go to tip jar And give as generously as possible! Whether it’s $5 or $5,000. They all helped us make this website buzzing.


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